Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Mama’s Got Her Own Headphones #HollyJollyHoliday

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You’ve seen them here before and with good reason. SOL REPUBLIC has amazing headphones! My kids have always been the ones to benefit from the headphones I’ve reviewed. Well, this time, mama’s getting her own set! I’ve wanted a pair of in the ear ones for quite some time now. Now, I wanted them even more with getting into an exercise habit and working online.

With my new position at work, I do quite a few hangouts. I don’t always want to leave my work area to do those hangouts when my boys are home, so having the headphones will make a world of difference! It seems that a lot of my job is done via video these days. I actually love it since I’m working from home all of the time.
My second reason for wanting them is because I’m getting active. Yes, me, by choice. I’m doing kickboxing twice a week now, and although I can’t wear headphones for that, I’m planning on trying to do Couch 2 5k. I’ve downloaded the app, but have yet to get started. Before the RELAYS, I didn’t have any way to listen to tunes as I walked and music keeps me moving, keeps me motivated.

As I was out walking, I started thinking about my daughter, Smooch. Man, that girl is active. She’s always off on some grand adventure, whether it’s taking classes in Canada, doing missions work overseas, or hiking with her friends in the Appalachians, she’s always on the go. This past spring she did a half marathon! She’s so stinking inspiring!
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With that being said, of course now I’m thinking that she’s even more active than me, she would probably put the headphones to more use than me. Man, I hate when I think of these things. I have a feeling I’ll be waiting for my own headphones after Christmas again. That’s ok, that’s my job as a mom. I think I’m always happier when I can give good things to my kids.

These are “my” first in-ear headphones that are of any quality. Over the past couple of years, the only ones I’ve had personally are ones that were given to me for free from a conference or bought at a drug store. Well, obviously I could tell right away that they were better than any I had used before. They didn’t just go into my ear, but they covered the entire opening, thereby closing off outside noise.


“RELAYS is SOL REPUBLIC’s award-winning sports headphone that keeps up with you.” I loved watching the video on their site because it shows a woman…kickboxing! These headphones were meant to be worn when you’re being active! I also love that they come in 5 different colors. I think my favorite is the Lemon Lime.

Here’s the exciting thing about these headphones…we’ll be giving them away in the Holly Jolly Gift Guide Giveaway so head over to their site and figure out which color is your favorite!

What do you use your headphones for the most?


Whitney @ Momma Knows Best said...

I like using headphones when I'm on the treadmill! These would be great for that.

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