Monday, November 3, 2014

Family Fun At Busch Gardens

You know what amazes me living more south than I ever have? The weather. I didn’t realize living in MD we’d have a milder climate than MN, which is obvious, but I had no idea how different it would be. The boys have only worn their winter coats a couple of times. In fact, a few weeks ago, maybe not even that long, I was wearing shorts still! I could get used to that.

At the end of October, I asked the boys if they wanted to take a couple of friends down to Busch Gardens. Since we moved, this is the first time my boys have done something with friends. They were pretty excited to say the least. We were given tickets for the family from Busch Gardens, but I bought their friends tickets. We’ve gotten to spend a lot of fun times down at Busch Gardens and it’s quickly becoming one of my favorite places to visit. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that we get to visit family when we head to Williamsburg, too.
Busch Gardens Boys
The exciting part to this trip was my mom, dad, and brother were going to Williamsburg for the weekend! It was totally unexpected, but wonderful! My family got to meet the boys’ aunt, uncle, and cousins! My brother decided he wanted to go to with us to Busch Gardens so we were all excited about that, especially my boys who think he’s the bees knees. Did you know that if you’re in the service you can go to certain parks during the year for free? Guess what he forgot? His ID. =/ I felt terrible because he ended up paying for at ticket.

As always, the boys wanted to start off at Apollo’s Chariot. Now, keep in mind, the boys’ friends had never been to Busch Gardens before. We told them both that if there were rides they didn’t want to go on, we were totally ok with that. Fred and my brother knew they were going to go on the insane rides together! Yes, they went on the Griffon and Alpengeist. but those rides are so crazy I couldn’t get them on camera.
Apollos Chariot
The rides that were water related were closed for the season. A couple were a bummer, but that was ok. There’s always so much to do there they weren’t really missed. My interest was definitely piqued that they took Escape From Pompeii and made it into a haunted house. Have I mentioned that haunted houses are not my thing? =)

We did a couple of the classic rides after Apollo’s Chariot like the Trade Wind (which I miss that this ride no longer goes backwards like it did at other parks when I was young) and the Turkish Delight. Those are a couple of my all time favorites. Oh my gosh, I’m becoming my mom!

Verbolten Ride

From there, Fred got me on the swings. I hadn’t been on those for years. It’s quite the ride. Not sure I like the sensation of spinning around so high in the air. There was quite the line to get on there, so it’s definitely a classic that’s still a favorite. The guys wanted to go on the “scary” rides so the big boys took off and the young guys and I headed to some other rides. We always love the Le Catapult. As it was getting later in the day, the lines were starting to get longer!
Le Catapult
This time, I really wanted to go see the animals, but they were on the other side of the park, close to when you leave. We’ve seen the horses, but I hadn’t been to the other animal attractions. There was a porcupine trying to get the plants outside of it’s cage. It also seemed like it was trying to dig its way out. lol

Everything was decked out in festive Halloween décor. They go all out. I knew that when the sun set, all of the spooky characters would be coming out. I really want to get down there to see it for Christmas. I would imagine that it’s extremely beautiful. Probably won’t make it this year with all of the busyness ahead, but maybe next year.
Busch Gardens Pumpkin
After we got done with most of the rides, my brother had to meet up with our parents because they had plans with extended family for dinner. What’s nice is, if you’re picking someone up, you don’t have to pay to get into the park. There’s a pick up area. We headed back to Apollo’s Chariot because they all wanted to end the day on that ride.

When we got back to the ride, the line was waaaay longer than when we started the day off It took them about an hour to get onto the ride. Poor Fred was tired, but since the boys really wanted to go, he manned up and stood in line with them. What a guy!
Busch Gardens Apollos Chariot
As always, we had a fantastic time! Can’t wait to go back again when the weather warms up. Hopefully next time we’ll be able to get the in-laws to go with us because the boys would LOVE spending the day in rides with their cousins. I think making it a weekend down there would be a blast!

What’s your favorite amusement park ride?


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