Friday, September 29, 2023

A Royal Christmas By Melody Carlson

A Royal Christmas
by Melody Carlson
Publisher: Revell
ISBN: 9780800742317

With the season turning chilly in my area, I was looking forward to reading A Royal Christmas! This cover gives off all of the Christmas feels! Thanks to the publisher for sending me the book for review.


Adelaide Smith is too busy for fairy tales. She's been working hard to put herself through law school, and she's determined to stay focused on her goals. Then she receives a letter notifying her that she is a direct descendant of King Maximillian Konig V, the ruler of a small European principality called Montovia. 

What? No. That's the stuff of cheesy made-for-TV movies, not real life.

Still, curiosity gets the best of her, leading to a Christmas break trip chock-full of surprises, including a charming village, an opulent palace, family mysteries, royal jealousies, a handsome young member of Parliament, and the chance at a real-life fairy tale romance.

My Review:

Tis the season! If you're looking for a quick read that gives Christmasy vibes, then you'll enjoy A Royal Christmas. You'll get the sense that you've just landed in a Hallmark Christmas movie. The story felt like a mix between Princess Diaries and To Win a Prince (by Toni Shiloh). It wasn't really original, but it was a sweet read.

I really liked Adelaide. She's thrust into a life she never expected and dives in with great aplomb. There's a dying kind (her father), a "wicked" stepmother, and a stepbrother who is rather clueless. I liked that there was a bit of added suspense with the king's missing brother.

There is a thread of romance in the story, but it kind of feel a bit flat for me. I could see where it was going, but never got a sense of romance other than what the author tells us. Had it been a full length novel I'm sure that storyline would've been more developed.

Thankfully there was a good sense of faith to the story. I really enjoyed how the king and others wanted to keep the traditional sense of Christmas and hearing more about the Weihnachtskrippe (hand carved nativity).

If you want a quick read that gives you Christmastime feels, then you'll want to grab this story.

About the Author:

Melody Carlson is the award-winning author of more than 250 books with sales of more than 7.5 million, including many bestselling Christmas novellas, young adult titles, and contemporary romances. She received a Romantic TimesCareer Achievement Award, her novel All Summer Long has been made into a Hallmark movie, and the movie based on her novel The Happy Camper premiered on UPtv in 2023. She and her husband live in central Oregon. Learn more at


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