Saturday, February 20, 2010

Faith 'n Fiction Saturday ~ What Keeps You From Recommending A Book

Faith'n'Fiction Saturday is a weekly event where we discuss faith and fiction. The Christian faith mostly. You are welcome to join in by adding to the discussion in comments or by writing a post on your own blog.

Today's question is simple:

What keeps you from recommending a book? Poor writing? Poor theology? Explicit sex? Profanity? Violence? Inappropriate subject matter? Are there any books you love so much you would recommend them to anyone or does each recommendation you make take the person you are recommending the book to into consideration?

My Answer:

There could be any number of reasons I wouldn't recommend a book. Since I only read Christian novels, I don't have to deal with profanity! You would think that Christian fiction would never cross a line, but I have read a couple of authors who have done that in my opinion when it comes to sexuality.

I can tolerate characters kissing and being romantic, but when I start to get visuals from the author, the book is done with in my opinion. Yep, that's all it takes in that category!

I also don't like it when authors create men characters who are actually the lead man in the story to be a bad example. I have one author who I refuse to read because she allows the men to be degrading, self serving, and full of themselves. I know that this author is loved by many, many readers, but the lack of strength in these characters have caused me to never want another one of her books in my home.

Poor writing doesn't necessarily make me not recommend a book. Sometimes that might be my opinion and others might like the style. I will give my opinion while at the same time try and find some strengths in the story or writing. I have to keep in mind what others might think.

There are a few book and/or authors I would recommend to anyone. Francine Rivers (Redeeming Love) and Karen Kingsbury (Redemption series) are two that come to mind. Aside from a select few, I would take into consideration the people I'm recommending to.

Do they like Westerns? Susan May Warren, Christine Lynxwiler

Do they like Historicals? Cathy Marie Hake, Tracy Peterson, T.L. Higley
Do they like Comedy? Trish Perry

Do they like Romance? Julie Lessman

Do they like Regency? Julie Klassen or Linore Rose Burkard

Do they like Suspense? James Scott Bell

Do they like General Fiction? Kristin Heitzmann

Do they like Women's Fiction? Sandra Byrd, Virginia Smith, Camy Tang

Do they like Fantasy? Sharon Hinck

Do they like Pirates? M.L. Tyndall
My list could go on and on and is by far not exhaustive! If you look at the right side of my blog, you will see a longer list of links to authors I love. This was made 2 yrs ago and I've got so many more I need to add to it!


Anonymous said...

Hello! Thanks for the follow from FFF on MBC :)

Brooke from The Bluestocking Guide said...

Thanks for visiting today! Christian fiction is a small part of what I read.

Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Hi Mimi -

I won't read any book that presents occult activity as acceptable. When personally recommending books, I take into consideration the person's taste.

On my blog, I only recommend books I've read and enjoyed.

Susan :)

Lucie said...

I soo appreciate your opinion! You have listed many of the authors that I read but I really appreciate the honesty about who you read and who you don't.
Thank you!


LucieInCA at aol dot com

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