Thursday, February 4, 2010

Going Thru With The Change

I've been debating this transition since last November when I started doing my family-friendly product reviews. For 2 yrs now I have been dedicated to Christian book/product reviews on this site. I also post reviews on Christian videos embedded from YouTube. Then there's always the occasional family posts or personal ones.

I know that many of you come here specifically to enter my product giveaways and that's so awesome! I don't want people coming here and being upset that they "have" to listen to me talk about my Christian POV or that they didn't expect to hear me rant about what the kids are wearing these days. BTW I haven't done a post on that...yet! I also don't hide the fact that I'm a Christian, and I never would. It's right there for everyone to see under my profile picture.

So, I am working with Jessica at She is creating a new layout for a blog I created, but never added to: Marvelous Mom Reviews. I don't know enough about creating websites and adding things such as Nav bars and everything else to make it snazzy. The only down side for you, my Followers, is that it won't be ready until around April 1st. hahaha I know, I hope that doesn't foreshadow anything. *grin*

My hope is that you can bear with me while we start to make the change over. I think I will start posting on both sites about my giveaways so that I can get it out there and get followers. I'm also hoping you will follow me there. If you want to follow both blogs, of course that's your prerogative and I'd be thrilled. MMR (not the childhood shot) will be completely dedicated to product reviews. My book reviews/giveaways will stay on this site. I don't do well with change, so I hope I can handle having a 2nd working blog. My previous "2nd" blog was about my ADD. Guess what, I kept forgetting about it. :) Sigh...welcome to my life. Anywho...

I will try to restrain myself when it comes to my personal posts, but there are no guarantees. I'm not embarrassed or ashamed of any posts I put here (unless they're poorly written). I'm honored to be able to talk about the Lord and what he puts on my heart. It's fun to share about the antics of my family, which we have plenty of. I have really felt compelled to write about several personal topics, but know that many of you could care less to hear about them, and because of that I have held back.

Thank you for your patience and I truly appreciate your support!


Haelie said...

You're so fun to read! Of course I will follow both! *grin back atcha* ;)

Oh, and when I first saw "going through...the change" I thought for a minute you were talking about...well...anyway! Just had to share that at-a-glance moment! :o)

Linda said...

Please inform us when you second one is up and running. Thanks.

Joshlin said...

I love it when you do post about you life. The thing that first brought me to your blog was your love for God. Please don't worry about that making others back away form your giveaways and reviews.

You keep on doing what you do! And let us all know when that other blog will be up:)

Luv2CUSmile said...

Sounds cool! I hope it is an easy addition for you! You shouldn't hold back on your Blogs though... That is what a Blog is about! Write what you feel and if people like it great! If not, they can move on to the next post... You need an outlet and if not anywhere else, let the Blog be it!

Mimi N said...

Thank you ladies so much. That is such an encouragement to me! I really appreciate it!

I've been playing with the other site today. Did you know that Blogger has added the ability to add pages to your site?! FINALLY!! So, I've been monkeying around with that and trying to add info for Jessica when she does the design changes.


Anonymous said...

How cool. Can't wait to see your new blog and layout! Wishing you all the best!

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