Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Fed Up With Facebook!

Honestly, I try not to get crabby on my site...ever. I do however get on my decked out, high wattage soap box occassionally and that is what this post will entail. I am so fed up with Facebook!

I'm pretty sure that it was in the last year that FB changed their whole set-up/layout. When I first started it was very basic. Then they totally changed the layout and there was a group created to send a message that many of us truly disliked it. Let me rephrase that, there are a LOT of groups on FB about how much they hate the newest layout, carried over from their last change. The largest group has 1,645,498 members!! And yet they still ignore the people who use them!!

So, what does this have to say about their company as a whole? I would say they don't listen to the people who keep them going. If people were to stop going to their site and using them, might they understand we're tired of the changes? I have a feeling it would make Zero difference! They've changed it again regardless of the uproar the last time. This seems to be a company who looks only to what they want to do and could care less about the people who use their site.

I say we boycott them! Email the people who advertise on their site and tell them we are tired of not being heard and completely ignored. Truly, they'd have to give a hoot for those who use them if they pull this stunt again! One person posted on the group how to send Feedback to let them know what we think of the new layout. Here's how to do it in case you're interested:

1) Go to the top right corner and click the arrow next to "Account". A drop down screen will come up. Click Help Center.

2) On the right side of the page will be warning triangles with "!" in it. The first one is entitled "New Simplified Home Page". Click on the link under the heading.

3) You can go through the tutorial and at the bottom, left side on the brown bar you will see "Send Feedback". Click and share your thoughts!!

I let them know my thoughts and that I was posting this on my blog. I don't care if they completely ignore my feedback. I'm doing what I think makes a statement.

Personally, I like dependability. I like trusting the sites I visit. I like things to stay the a degree. Change is good, except when so many people dislike it.

I just received a reply to my status on FB that says Google is coming out with something called Buzz! If it's anything like Facebook, count me in! There's just something about Google that you know you can rely on them. Have you been to lately? It's still the same! True, when you log on to the page everything else that used to be visible is now hidden until you move your cursor across the screen. It's taking me a bit of time to get used to the blankness of the screen.

Even with my FB frustrationthey haven't "changed". My "Home" page on FB is entirely different. The icons at the top of the screen are visually different so we don't immediately relate them to what they used to be. The "Home" button is on the right side of the screen. It's all just different. My Profile page seems to be intact, although my SuperPoke will be taken off the page for some reason. Looks like the creators of it want me to sign up with them or something. Eh, take it away. I still have my Flairs!! :) I must admit, I like my Flairs. heh heh heh.

Well, until I learn more about Buzz from Google, I'm going to be on Twitter, and I say you all join me! You can find me at There is also a link on the left sidebar. Here's to me doing something about what I think...


The Book Club Network - TBCN said...

LOL!! You go girl!!

Nora "D

Finding Hope Throughh Fiction

Mimi N said...

tee hee hee I'm goin' Nora. :) Thanks for following me on Twitter. See, I knew we could do it. *grin*

Let me just state for the record, in the grand scheme of life, I KNOW this falls extrememly low on the importance list. I just like to rant once in a while.


Anonymous said...

I don't have a facebook site because I can't stand how the site is set up. I am the one that updates my hubby's site every once and awhile and it takes so long to figure out the simplest thing that I just boycotted it from the beginning! So, i don't blame you and your frustration!

IKR Designs said...

Hi there! Stopping by from MBC FFF! Happy Wednesday!!

annaed_2 said...

I love fb . . . addicted actually. I think b/c it's my connection to the outside world as a SAHM. However, I too wish they would stop changing things. The changes aren't better, just different! IMHO. ;-)

Unknown said...

I love FB but hate how they keep changing everything every once in awhile. I want constancy!

I came over from MBC! I am now following you.

Organize Your Life said...

Good for you. Have your say!

Following from mbc

Claire McFee Author
Organize Your Life

Organize Your Life Now Blog

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