Saturday, February 13, 2010

Naturale Green Gift Pack Giveaway

As my followers know, I've decided this is the year to go green in our home. It has been an interesting process. There are so many areas in our lives that we can go green that I never even considered.

One area that we haven't made much of a change yet is in our personal care products. Everything else we've used so far has been mostly household products. We could really use a change in the personal care products because they affect our health so dramatically.
With summer coming up, Naturale Green has alternatives to bug repellents and sun screen. The products they have available are from: Kogi and Badger. As for skin products that I'd like to make a change in they have wide variety of options for the entire family! So, I'm looking for a company that has our health in their mind.

This is where Naturale Green comes in. They have a full line of eco-friendly products. They cover (click on links below to learn more):

Bath & Body

Hair Care

Non-toxic Nail Polish


Home Care



Fragrance Free

Sensitive Skin

And so much more...

I'm SUPER interested in the natural supplements for ADHD/ADD. One of them for children 12 and under (and NOT on a prescription medication) is Mindsoothe Jr. It's something to consider since I believe my 10 yr old has ADD. I've had it since I was in Middle School and my 16 yr old daughter has had it since 6th-7th grade. Being that it's hereditary, it's entirely possible for him to have it. I would love to start him off on a natural alternative!

Would you like to win one of Naturale Green's amazing Gift Pack Giveaways? Right now their Giveaway includes:

* 2 Nature's Paradise Baby Organics Diaper Cream

* Beautiful Basics French Green Clay Mask

* All Things Jill Honey Hand Salve

* All Things Jill Ouch! Shaving Balm

* Watkins Vanilla Beeswax Lip Balm

* Beautiful Basics Bug Repellent

* Nature's Paradise 4 oz Shampoo

* Rocky Mountain Foot Butter

* Rocky Mountain Field & Stream Organza (incl. 1 Field & Stream Soap and Bath Crystals)

Contest draw date: February 28, 2010

If you are interested in entering this giveaway, head to:

You can learn more about Naturale Green by visiting their site at:

You can also check out the other social media Naturale Green is part of:

*Disclaimer:I have NOT used any products from Naturale Green and have not been given any products & have NOT been paid for this post. This is my entry into the giveaway.


Unknown said...

I have something for you at my blog!

Tracy (AKA The Mayor!) said...

I love that you're promoting these great natural products! I've always had a more holistic approach with my own 4 kids, & firmly believe they are better for it! Kudos to you for spreading the word, especially on natural alternatives for ADD & ADHD! Tracy

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