Sunday, February 14, 2010

These Are The Things I Love...

I'm piggybacking off of Ree from The Pioneer Woman who made an amazing list of the things she loves. There are many that I would copy such as: John Denver, The Carpenters, Cat Stevens, the smell of fresh ground coffee, etc.

Well, here's my non-exhaustive (tho it may exhaust you) list:

  • Baby, Smoochie, Buddy, and my Doodle

  • my horse Winston

  • playing catch with Rugby

  • cuddling with our kitties

  • a long bubbly bath

  • piles of books (especially historical fiction)

  • Big Red

  • Drumsticks

  • Olive Garden

  • The Twins (love going to the games)

  • my friends

  • my family

  • my church

  • puppy breath

  • my camera

  • the Lord

  • Ground Hog Day (with Bill Murray)

  • handmade gifts from my children

  • creme brulee

  • Bath & Body Works

  • eco-friendly products

  • clean sheets

  • jeans that fit (no crack here)

  • So I Married an Axe Murderer (with Mike Meyers)

  • Casting Crowns

  • manly men who love the Lord

  • pick-up trucks that are really tough

  • bras that fit properly

  • winning giveaways

  • visiting family

  • Jeremy Camp

  • a man on horseback

  • sunny days

  • my perennial garden

  • my raspberry bushes

  • surround sound (at my parents house)

  • blogging

  • having the batteries I need when I need them

  • worship music

  • classic cars

  • The Sound of Music

  • a dude in Carharts (wink wink)

  • birthday parties (& doing a surprise party!)

  • any guy (from 3-?) who holds the door for me

  • when my scrapbooking page actually looks good (haven't scrapped for years)

  • when my boys get a long

What do you love? I would love for you to share this Valentines Day.


annaed_2 said...

Fun post! I have a blog but hardly anyone follows it (LOL) so I probably won't post one similar. Love the idea though.

Hey, I should have shared sooner but there are a bunch of give-aways over on right now. However, they end today, Feb. 14th.

Haelie said...

I am with you on many of those. I really must agree with the "creme brulee" one!!! Oh, and where do you find those "bras that fit properly"!?! And the Carhartts...I must say that my red-headed brother looks very nice in his...they match his hair perfectly! ;)

Together We Save said...

Ummmm great post.... it is nice to think about the things I love. I have to say I totally agree about John Denver, Big Red, my girls when they are getting along, and did you say bra's that fit? If so oh yeah me too.

Godsy Girl(TM) said...

I'm with you on everything but the puppy breath.

Following from MBC. Please follow me at GodsyGirl.Com.

Anonymous said...

Can I pass you my pile of books? I'm curious about the raspberry bush. Is it beautiful or do you like them because of the berries?

Now that my boys are getting older, I'm totally understanding your final one: "when my boys get a long."

My boys can fight!

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