Thursday, March 18, 2010

Francesca Battisteli "My Paper♥Heart" CD Review

One of the favorite songs in our household since last Fall is "Free To Be Me" or as my 6 yr old calls it "Ripped Pants". I think he's watched too much SpongeBob!

I was sent a set of CDs from Word Entertainment to review! After I review the 4 CDs I will be giving away the last one. So, keep an eye out for these reviews. If you are looking for wholesome, upbeat, Christian music, I've got some great suggestions for you.

If you're wondering if you've heard Francesca before, it's probably because she's all over tv right now! Some shows you can find her on:

  • Biggest Loser (NBC) ~ "It's Your Life"

  • The Hills (MTV) ~ "Engaged & Underage"

  • Diet Tribe (Lifetime) ~ "It's Your Life"

  • Think/MTV ~ "It's Your Life"

Let's dissect the songs on this Deluxe Edition:

  1. Free To Be Me: Our family knows this song right from the start and up goes the volume! Life doesn't always go the way we expect, but we're free to be who we are, especially where God is concerned!

  2. I'm Letting Go: Very fun upbeat song! Don't we have plans for our lives, but sometimes letting go is a really good thing!

  3. Unpredictable: Kind of a rock-y song. Isn't it interesting that when we think we have God figured out, He shows us we don't? His ways are not our ways and to try and contain him in our ideas is to put Him in a box and He's much larger than that!

  4. My Paper Heart: Good message! Our hearts can be torn apart by those around us and God is right there to put the pieces back together.

  5. Beautiful, Beautiful: Sweet song. God sees our potential and sees us so much more wonderfully than we do. His grace will change us, if we allow it.

  6. Blue Sky: Kind of a jazz-y or blues song (I'm terrible at these genres!). Of course, God's love is here to stay, but I think this is a great song for spouses or BFFs.

  7. Forever Love: Great wedding song! This is such a sweet song about how a love helps us become who we are and that a love can be forever.

  8. Someday Soon: Nice pop song. A song about meeting that one special person. How we'd love for it to be.

  9. Behind The Scenes: Slow & thoughtful song. Does everyone think our lives are just dandy? Do they realize the time that's been taken to make those lives look that way when it's different "behind the scenes"?

  10. It's Your Life: Strong song! Are you who you say you are? What are you going to do with your life?

  11. Time In Between: Goosebumps, that's what I get with this song! Jesus started off in the Father's presence and came to live, die and be resurrected here for our salvation. We need to be thankful for the time He spent here showing us how to live.

  12. Lead Me To The Cross: Wonderful worship song. Asking the Lord to lead us to the cross and away from ourselves.

  13. Keep Me Guessings: (Acoustic) Great crank the volume song! We don't know exactly where our lives are going, but holding on tight to God will keep us doing alright!

Songs 14-17 are what they call the Dented Fender Sessions. These are songs that have been mixed differently than the original release and I liked each one! They're how I would imagine hearing them in a concert setting.

Would you like to have your own copy of Beautiful, Beautiful? If so, Tweet about someone beautiful in your life! How awesome and easy is that? Click the image to learn more!


annaed_2 said...

That's so cool that you get to review her music! I have enjoyed her songs over at 24/7 Moms web cast. I had never heard of her prior to that! Have Fun! -DDM

Richele McFarlin said...

You are so hip! lol. I think my daughter wants that CD...I know I heard her mention this chick's name before. You know, my mom suggested the name Francesca each time I was pregnant. She said, "you can call her Frankie!" LOL.

Janna said...

Love, love, love Francesca! This cd is awesome and I even drove a van of girls across the state to see her in concert - it was so worth it! She is amazing!

hippmom said...

I, along with my two pre-teen, have been enjoying this cd for sometime now. Its one of our favorites!

Unknown said...

Love her music~who doesn't- My boys are both very special to me- gotta love teenagers!

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