Monday, March 1, 2010

Jason Gray ~ More Like Falling In Love YouTube Video

When you think about having a relationship with God, especially if you aren't a "believer" does it make you cringe? Make you want to run for the hills? Make you question what you have to do, what God expects from you, what other "believers" will expect? Does following the Lord sound like it could be more like a chore than chance?

Jason Gray's song More Like Falling In Love makes me believe that this is how we should really view what it's like to have a relationship with the Lord. Think about how you felt the first time you were falling in love with someone. You were probably so excited to see them, wanted to talk to them all the time, thought of them constantly throughout your day, etc. You mind was consumed by heart racing thoughts of the one who had made the world shift for you. THAT'S how God would want us to feel towards Him.

More Like Falling In Love really brings to light how falling in love with God is supposed to look like. Religion doesn't do anything for anyone! Relationship sets us free!! Jason's song isn't about us doing, doing, doing, but being caught up in the sweetness, being lost in romance of the Lord. God has been wooing us to himself since we've been born.

Don't you want to be caught up in that love? No, it's not always warm fuzzy feelings and a bed of roses. But we have to keep in our minds that we are in a love relationship with our Creator!! I need to go back to my first love, because as with any relationship if we don't tend it and work at it, it will fade and grow distant. Remember always that He isn't the one who moves out of relationship, but us.

Enjoy this song by Jason Gray. The words will be on the screen. You might want to listen to it through the whole way and then go back and read the words...or vice versa.


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Thanks, Mimi. What a great way to start my day!

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