Thursday, March 4, 2010

Marvelous Mom Reviews Is Open For Reviews!!

Marvelous Mom Reviews is done! It has a new look and it's all thanks to the patience and kindness of Jessica at So Stylized! And...she's done a month early. Let's talk about this process with Jessica.

I saw Jessica's offer of doing a few blog makeovers. I had been pondering separating my Woven by Words blog and this seemed like the perfect time. I had created MMR (not the vaccine) in the Fall after I started getting products to review. I contacted her and she agreed to take me on. Poor gal, she had no idea what she was in for. As opposed to my Woven by Words creation, I took the bull by the horns and started searching for my ideas! hahahaha Honestly, poor Jessica.

I went to to find some vectors that I thought would work in my header. This can be such an utterly time consuming experience. Trying to figure out what I wanted nearly sent me to the loony bin! There are some really creative people out there! I chose the girl because I loved that she looked like she was so excited about her day! Then this picture of the coffee cup in the window just brightened my search! I also liked that the coffee cup is similar to the coffee cup from Woven by Words. I wanted some carry over so that they could go hand in hand.

So, I started shooting my ideas and requests off to Jessica. poor Jessica I figured if I got all of the info to her in one or two emails, she wouldn't have to do as much work when she started creating my site. What I didn't anticipate was having so many questions about the process. How do you do this, why do you add that, what can go here or there? Ugh... Jessica had the patience of a Saint!

Originally Jessica had told me that it would be done by April 1st! Then she contacted me and let me know she was ready to get started on it!! What?! Really? Who can complain about something getting done early?

Jessica got my page up and going and then my computer started acting stupid! I couldn't get my test window open without waiting overnight to see the page. So crazy. It started happening with other sites as well. I have no idea what was going on.

After Jessica had my header set up and my awesome button created, I was able to start viewing my page. Great timing I say! I LOVED IT!!! Of course, being the opinionated person I am I had little tweaks that I wanted to have her do. Nothing major because I was so pleased with the overall look.

Jessica listened to my requests & apologies, and went about making the changes. Sometimes my ideas worked, other times...not so much. Let's just say Jessica has A LOT more experience now that she's finished my new blog.

Would you like a blog makeover? Jessica is your gal. I know that she is scheduled into next year, but if you're like many of the other bloggers out there, you like to change things up a bit. Then getting on the So Stylized waiting list is the best thing you can do for your blog. She will work wonderfully with you and take all of your ideas into consideration. Jessica has wonderful communication and I don't have a single concern over referring you to her!

I would love to hear what you think about my new look. Any suggestions? Do you think it needs something I might've missed? I'd also love for you to start following Marvelous Mom Reviews since I will slowly be changing my product reviews over to that blog.



Jenn @ Beautiful Calling said...

I just had a peek. Your new site looks fantastic! Very exciting!!

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