Monday, March 22, 2010

Mimi's Messy Monday ~ Launch

So, I'm thinking (maybe hoping) that I'm not the only messy mom/woman. Then again, I could be wrong. You could be looking at this and wondering what planet I just fell off of. If I'm not alone, maybe you want to join in my first Link Up. I'm not a packrat or hoarder, just messy. I thought if we tidied up at least one spot once a week, we could become a bit tidier ~ together?

I know, I'm dreaming. My mom told me growing up I needed to marry someone rich so I could have a maid. I didn't marry a rich man and things haven't changed much since I lived at home, oh so many years ago. My messes only bother me when I'm missing a spoon for cereal, tripping over my kids' toys, or heaven forbid someone is coming over!

So, what is the first step? Take a before picture. Yep, the way it looks right now. Honesty will make you a better person or at least encourage you to head in that direction, right? Ok, so I'm not so good at psychology. AND, no tidying to have a cleaner picture.

Spend 30 minutes cleaning or organizing. Once that time is up, take your finished picture. Even if it isn't perfect or a completed project, take a picture! It will be a great reminder to you of what you've accomplished in a short period of time. It's ok not to finish, and that's what we have to be ok with. The fact that there was an attempt (at least at my house) is fantastic! If you finish before the 30 minutes, let us know. I think often I "know" cleaning this or that will take at least 3 hours when in reality it only might take 15 mintues or 47 minutes. In my mind, the pile or mess becomes Mt. Kilimanjaro!
Down the road I might implement some spots for us to work on as an assignment, maybe get the kids involved. It's just a thought. We'll see what comes of this. If everyone is mortified about airing their dirty laundy (literally) then I won't worry about it. =)

Alrighty readers. So last night (Sunday) before I went to bed, I thought to myself, "I wonder if I have anything that's going to post in the morning. Nah, I don't have any reviews tomorrow." Yeah...WHAT ABOUT PERSONAL POSTS YOU'VE FORGOTTEN ABOUT?! So, this morning I wake up to a lovely note from Pam telling me she liked the pictures with my cat. My what? Oh STINK, my Messy Monday post posted! I'm totally not prepared. I was working on a button last week and this weekend was so busy I forgot to get it made. I also forgot to put a link button up, but I at least have that ready. I will work on my button when I get home from Moms In Touch (which I'll be going to the 1st time this month since none of my kids is home sick). Sigh...somedays (ne most days) I wonder about myself. :)


pamalot said...

enjoyed reading this, this morning! And love the cat!

Jenn @ Beautiful Calling said...

OK, your little update in red made me laugh!
I'm not joining in this week but will plan to for next Monday! I thought your little graphic at the top of the post was cute!

Natalie said...

Hello :) I just found your blog cruising around in the blogosphere (is that a word?). This one made me smile. I'm a single girl, but I'm so messy. I've started timing myself when I do little things - clean up my room, clean the kitchen, fold laundry - and it's amazing how much I can accomplish in so little time. I'll definitely try the pic as a motivator. I'm so glad I discovered your blog (and so excited to read your reviews).

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