Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sandwich Revolution House Party

This past Saturday I hosted my first House Party. Have you heard of this site? They give people the opportunity to host a party that is put on by specific sponsors.

My particular party was called Sandwich Revolution. It was sponsored by Arnolds/Oroweat Sandwich Thins. I had never had these before and am a bread lover. So, I applied for this particular party. I have no idea how many people applied, but I was accepted.

I sent out emails through House Party to my friends in the area and waited for my package of party supplies to come. It came the Tuesday before the party. Here's what came in my supplies:
  • 5 Coupons for 5 packages of Sandwich Thins

  • 15 Coupons for $1 Off Sandwich Thins

  • 15 Reusable Shopping Bags

  • Stack of blank recipe cards

  • 15 Notepads

  • Sandwich Thins 3 recipes

  • Nutrition Cards

  • Cutting Board

There were a number of resources for this particular Party. Claire Robinson from the Food Network gave recipe ideas. Those who were hosting parties across the country were able to ask questions, leave comments, and give suggestions for the party. We were also able to upload photos before and after the party.

Some other upcoming House Party Sponsors:

DiGiorno Pizza (Closed for Hosts)

Ziploc (Closed for Hosts)


Green Works Kids Gear Swap

Stouffers Toasted Sub Celebration

If you're interested in becoming a host(ess) head to House Party and sign up! You can start applying for a House Party today!


Haelie said...

Very cool, Mimi! Thanks for the info! (Have you ever had Oroweat's Oatnut bread!?! Yummmmyyyy!!! Especially with Nutella on it!)

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