Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Bachelorette: Drama & Tears

I was so happy when the first date went to Ben. Then to find out Ashley chose him because of his comment the last time they were together gave me that, “Awwww” moment. Ben had told her the next time she was doing anything dance related to choose him. Little did he know those were golden words to say.BenAshley set up a Flash Mob and taught Ben the dance without him knowing about the upcoming event! They’re eating at a park when Ashley decides she wants to do their dance and Ben DOES it! He’s embarrassed, but does the dance in front of all these people. Then the music starts and all these people start doing the dance.

Have I mentioned I want to be part of a Flash Mob? If not, I’m mentioning it!

During Ben & Ashley’s dinner I didn’t feel a connection between the two of them. Ben seems super idealistic whereas Ashley doesn’t. She seems to want a bad boy to me, but she gave him a rose. Maybe Ben & Ashley will be the Trista & Ryan this season.

Speaking of bad boy, have I told you I want to crack Bentley in the mouth every time he opens it?

I love the music that accompanies Jeff (the masked dude) when he talks! It’s creepy mansion music. So he does this big reveal that totally falls flat. Ashley’s first comment is that he’s older than he expected. I was not impressed, but that’s my own opinion.

When it came time for the roast I got really nervous because of the previews. I just kept hoping the way the show had done the editing that Ashley would be crying for some other reason than the roast. It wasn’t to be. She cried because of the roast, and not just the roast, but because William really hit below the belt. I wanted to reach through the screen and tell William, “Don’t do it!”

I felt terrible for Ashley because the roast brought up her insecurities and I think really drove home how much the guys wished it was Emily (who doesn’t seem to have it all together anyhow). Lots of mentions about her small ta-tas (Hi-5 to all the small breasted girls)

Ugh, every time the show cuts to Bentley talking…Somebody hold me back! HOLD ME BACK!! When it comes to this loser I feel like Ashley put all her eggs in one basket. What in the world? Has she NOT seen this show before? Believe the texts! Ugh, this is so ridiculous.Bentley

I can not wait to see this jerk at the Men Tell All if he’s “man” enough to take responsibility for what he did. He’s a disgusting excuse for a human being. Like I said last week, if I were related to him I’d be ashamed to admit it. I pray to God he has very little influence in his daughter’s life because I can’t imagine the mind games he plays with her. No wonder he’s divorced. If you look up “scum of the earth” in a dictionary you’ll find Bentley’s photo. I agree with Penelope and wonder why the producers and Chris didn’t inform Ashley. This is the way they treat these people? For ratings? Nice.

At this point I want to turn the TV off. If I were Ashley I would’ve started swearing and screaming at Bentley when he showed up to say he was leaving. I would’ve thrown him out and LET the door hit him in the backside on his way out. How he used his daughter as an excuse is appalling and to admit that was what he was doing…vomit! I couldn’t believe all the tears and heartache Ashley had with this guy. She chose to throw out what she learned and went for the one guy she should’ve sent home on day 1. Mind boggling!

Is it wrong to hope Bentley’s company will go bust? Who’s going to want to work with a slime ball like this? Who knows how he’d manipulate for his gain. One day he will reap what he’s sown. THAT makes me smile.JPI felt terrible that J.P.’s date came after the roast and Bentley leaving. I think he did a great job of addressing the issue instead of sweeping it under the carpet. Overall I think they had a nice date. He was the perfect guy for making her happy after the tears. They looked adorable in their jammies and I loved how J.P. said that’s what he likes. His sincerity has definitely won me over!

When it came to the rose ceremony I didn’t understand some of the roses that were given out only because I don’t see a connection and I haven’t really seen her interact with the guys. Let me say for the record, there was much rejoicing with William’s name being called. Now it’s time for him to redeem himself!


Shell said...

Bentley is a total creep! I can't believe him. And the producers/Chris Harrison could have told Ashley but noooo, it's good for ratings. Awful.

Liz Mays said...

When Chris was talking to her about Bentley, I kept thinking, ASHLEY!!! Read between the lines of what he's saying. He's telling you that Bentley's a jerk!

Mrs. Frogster said...

yeah crazy.
I have to say, they never showed a moment where William actually apologized to Ashley for the mean things he said. It seemed to me when he stated that there was nothing more he could say and that he should just leave, I felt he was trying to get her to comfort him instead of apologizing and showing her how sorry he was. Also last week he kept bragging on all the specifics of their date to the other guys, which I thought was immature and not cool. I guess William's not my favorite, that's all. But at least he has a chance to make things right.

KristinFilut said...

Yikes! Looks like I missed another amazing train wreck! Hahaha!

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