Friday, June 3, 2011

No Internet Service...Got My Droid2

So I've been without service from my ISP since Thursday night. At the time it happened I figured it was on my end. Called the company after I got home from work today and its in my entire area. To top it off, the gal I talked to said that because they had just done an update they couldn't access some of my information and couldn't email me when the internet was working again. So every once in a while I check to see if my connection is back.

Since I can't access my computer files with my phone to do my Rayovac review I figured I'd share what the last 24+ hours have been like.

Yesterday I did that whole working thing. One thing I enjoy about my job is the guests who are regulars. They know me by name (yep, I have a name tag), but they also have nicknames for me. One guy calls me Lefty because of my shoulder surgery almost 2 years ago. Another guy calls me Smiley. One Mike comes in and gives me a big ol' shove just to say "hi". Another Mike tells me he's going to bring me a Starbucks because he's always carrying one with him. Al and I talk about his dog Polly and how well her retrieval training is going.

And those are just a few of my hardware guys.

After work I ran (er, drove) about a half an hour in the opposite direction of home to meet with my life insurance gal. I had life insurance before but we cashed out around the first of the year. I thought I still had my whole life, but apparently it had all been canceled. That meant I had to start all over with a nurse visit and a higher premium! Well, I met with my insurance lady and got it started up again. We met at a restaurant and had some appetizers. I didn't want to seem rude and be all rush rush, but I DID need to get home.

Yesterday was Doodle's 8th birthday. Buddy also had a baseball game. Ahhhhhhh

We chatted for a bit and I finally told her I needed to skedaddle. I rushed out to the van and had almost an hour drive home! It was just after 4pm and I still needed to make dinner and pick up a cupcake or two because I was a total fail as a mom on the birthday front.

I got home at about 5:15 and ran around like a chicken with my head cut off. I think I made dinner. Oh yah I warmed up leftover pizza. Rushed Buddy to his practice before his game and came home for about an hour to just breathe. Then Doodle and I went to the game. Boy was that painful. They failed and did it in glorious fashion. So far they've lost all of their games except the first one (1-4).

We headed home where I wrapped Doodle's present and took pictures while he gobbled up his cupcake. Then they were off to bed.

I started off today with "mother guilt". The elementary was having fun & fitness day, what I used to call "field day". I couldn't take the day off with Rick losing his job. I think I've only missed one and I'm not even sure of that "one". I always try to be at these events for all of my kids. Buddy also had an award ceremony I didn't know about. He wanted to call his sister but she was still down in the cities. Sigh, that was a crappy weight to carry for the morning.

This morning we all headed off in our various directions: the boys to school, me to work. As soon as work was done I ran to the grocery store so I could get my oldest daughter some groceries. She was coming home from the cities for a few days so I wanted to send her home with food for her cupboards.

On the way home there was a major accident in a small town that's just before our town. We were redirected down a side dirt road. As we drive by it looked like a car was in a deep ditch and a Suburban with a crunched front end. Praying that whoever was in that accident is okay.

I got home and remembered the internet was down so I had to call them before they closed. At the same time I had to make dinner and get changed...all in about 40 minutes. Crazy I tell ya. We barely finished dinner and headed to the high school for Smoochie's graduation. It was a great ceremony. It was so wonderful to see all of these kids grown up and moving on in their lives. It was also fun to see some of the kids who had graduated with my oldest daughter.

Tomorrow I head to work and when I get home will have to start major baking and chopping for the graduation party that's on Sunday. It's going to be a crazy couple more days. I'm hoping the internet comes back so I can share all of my pictures for Project 52.

If you've read this far without any photos, I thank you kindly. I just felt like I needed to blog. So much going on in my life I needed to purge a little.


Sorta Southern Single Mom said...

LAWD! You've been busy! Happy Birthday to Doodle! Don't worry about missing Field Day. I hate it when I have to miss stuff too, but my kids seem to handle it okay. My son was doing his Wax Museum Biography project yesterday. Luckily it was scheduled during my prep, so I was able to pop down and see him and his friends, but there is a lot I have to miss, even being in the same building because I can't always get coverage to leave my class!

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