Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Bachelorette: Heading to Rainy Thailand

Watching Monday night’s episode of ABCs The Bachelorette didn’t go quite as I had hoped. My son’s baseball game ended after 7pm and I forgot to start recording before we left. So we headed out the moment he was finished. On the way home my BFF called and said she was going to stop by to pick up my oldest daughter’s trombone. Then I had agreed to be a panelist for Mom It Forward’s Quaker Oats Twitter party.

As soon as we got into the house I ran downstairs, put my tv on The Bachelorette, made sure the tape (yes, VHS) was rewound and hit record. A few hours later, I head downstairs to watch The Bachelorette, and guess what? No recording. My tv was set right, but I guess the VCR wasn’t.

So, I’ve been able to watch it via Abc.com! I also wanted to tell you my posting may change when it comes to my views of The Bachelorette. I love reading Reality Steve. He’s the reality guru. His most recent updates, especially how those of us have responded to Bentley have been very eye opening…at least for myself.

I can get so wound up in these shows. I get invested in these people’s lives and truly, they are nothing to me. Sure, we enjoy following the process, but to get so worked up about someone like Bentley really should be kept down to a dull roar. As Reality Steve said, it’s a TV show! That being said, here’s my thoughts about Monday’s show! =)

Constantine Ashley’s first date with Constantine was much better than I expected. I don’t think viewers have really had a chance to get to know him. I actually didn’t see much connection with him & Ashley before tonight’s date. I really liked how he went with the flow and just hung out with her all day and night. They didn’t do anything over the top other than be together. I have to admit, by the end of the date, I thought Constantine was a pretty cool dude.

I thought the group visiting the home for all the orphanage from the tsunami was such an awesome volunteering opportunity. What a great way to give back. I didn’t understand why the guys were getting upset with Ryan. Of course, we’re not there so who knows how nutty he might’ve been in the footage we didn’t see. Anyhow, the smiles on the kids faces were priceless when they saw what the guys and Ashley have done for them!

I was so glad at the end of the group date that she spent time with Ben and J.P. Two guys we still haven’t gotten to know super duper well. And she’s right, J.P. is a hottie!

Ames and Ashley were an interesting combo. He seemed so much cooler than when he was on the group dates. Man, just up and leaving to go to Thailand in one night for cooking school? I never would’ve guessed from the very few minutes he’s had on the show. I think they had an amazingly beautiful date! The dinner time they spent together made me really like him a lot more!

Side note, I got a bit tired of hearing Ashley talk about Bentley. I mean she didn’t spend that much time with him, and she can’t let go of him? I’m not in her shoes, but my eyes are still rolling.Ryan P

At the cocktail party we got to hear more from Lucas and I was pleasantly surprised. Here again, another guy I feel like we really haven’t gotten to know very well. I liked that Blake shared with Ryan that some of the guys weren’t very thrilled with how upbeat he is constantly. So often they talk behind each others backs and I appreciated that Blake was just straight up with Ryan. Kind of funny how Ashley brought up the same question about how he can be so positive all the time right after Blake.

It was a shame to see West leave from the rose ceremony. I’m sure Ashley was concerned about him being ready to move on from his wife who passed away and comparing herself to the previous wife. West really seemed to have her on a pedestal and I think that’d make any woman concerned!

Any thoughts yet on who her last two might be? I can NOT get a read on who she really likes.


Linda Kish said...

I don't know who she will pick but JP is adorable.

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