Saturday, June 11, 2011

Project 52: Week 23

I’m still recovering from last week/weekend. My 2nd daughter graduated from high school and we had a big party with 2 other families. What a difference it is having a party with two families who are well known as opposed to doing it on your own in your garage! LOL It was fun and was well organized…not by me!
Buddy started off the day by waking up my oldest daughter with some songs! She sure must miss living at home! heh heh hehIMG_6667
These figurines were dressed in our daughters’ clothing. It was so crazy how everyone thought these cut outs were really the girls!IMG_6678 IMG_6686 IMG_6688
IMG_6706 IMG_6708
Then there was this HUGE moth whapping up against the window. It was so big at first I thought it was a bat! I’ve never seen anything like it before! Isn’t he totally funky looking? Those fluffy things on the front of his face look like very fine fern leaves. In that 3rd photo, whatdaya think of the fuzz on the top of his head? He needs a stylist!IMG_6750 IMG_6753 IMG_6758 Then I was SO blessed by a friend from church. She invited me out to dinner and we were taking the convertible! I honestly don’t know that I’ve ever ridden in a convertible. Well, I road in my dad’s this winter, but not with the top down! We had dinner at the Ground Round and our time together was so wonderful.IMG_6760 Here’s the stray dog we had overnight. She had just wandered to our house and since it was late at night we had to take her in. I though she was pretty young. Turns out she’s 9yrs old. Not white around her face or on her coat anywhere. And that tail, I tell ya, went a mile a minute. She was so busy I couldn’t get any good shots of her. Can you see how she has that bowl tipped over? LOL Her mama lives on the other side of the woods and came to pick her up in the morning after the vets called her! Thank God for her rabies tag!IMG_6763 Baseball hasn’t been going to well, to put it mildly. They started this game off on Thursday walking and stealing 7 runs! Here’s my guy at the top of the 2nd inning stealing 2nd base!IMG_6782 And then 3rdIMG_6785 And finally bringing it on home!IMG_6799 Unfortunately things went downhill quickly at the bottom of the 2nd. I think it lasted about 20 minutes? Maybe longer! It was crazy! The game ended in the 5th inning, I believe because it was too late to play and we lost by 2 runs.
IMG_6818 My camera does NOT do this sunset justice. That sun was SO huge. This is coming into our little town.
Alrighty, what did your week look like? Did you capture it in photos? If so, let me know where to find you!


Unknown said...

you'r very trusting to take in a stray dog.
have a great weekend

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