Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Workout Blahs

I have been trying to work out consistently the past couple of months. I'm not super fond of working out. Before now, the last time I actively worked out was...back in college. It was required so I did it. My aerobics instructor let me know that the reason I probably could never tone my butt, belly and thighs was genetic. Both sides of my family have both of those in abundance. yay me (droll laugh)

Somehow, I'm trying to ignore what she told me and I'm exercising following a routine set up by my Active 2 for the Wii. I've been doing it faithfully. The last couple weeks were a bit screwy because of my work schedule, but I made sure I wasn't more than a day behind. Yesterday, to make sure I stayed caught up I exercised in the morning and in the evening.

Yah, I'm losing my mind. I got up in the morning just to see if I might enjoy it more than the evening. I've heard people say they love working out to start their day. I enjoy starting my day by hitting the snooze button.

I tried it, I won't do it again. All I wanted to do was lay down and go back to sleep. Clearly I'll be sticking with nighttime workouts!

Today was my workout day off. I didn't do much because I didn't work either. So here's how I feel:

When I don't work out...I feel SO chubby. Feel like my gut's got "dunlop" syndrome. My thighs feel like they keep flopping against each other. It's just no good. I'm not supposed to workout, but man I want to. I realize it's important for our bodies to recover and have a few days off during the week. This is how I want to feel at the end of every day:
Source: via Patience on Pinterest

It seems these days, with the changes I've been making if I don't drink water through the day, or if I eat a bowl of ice cream, or have some chocolate, I feel so "BLAH". I mean that physically. I don't care that I ate any of that, but my body, a different story. It doesn't seem to like any of that stuff anymore.

If you work out, have you ever dealt with that? I could eat carrots until the bunnies come home, but half a chocolate bar and I feel like the lower half of my body just bloated! I certainly won't cut that stuff out of my diet, but moderation is definitely the key!

Ok, I won't actually go work out, but I'm going to go try my new Black Eyed Peas Experience. I've got to figure those dances out!!! I'll be doing a review of it soon and I'll let you know what I think. It's waaay harder than Just Dance 3! LOL And that took me a few times to get the hang of it.

How do you balance exercising, days off, and eating healthy?


Anonymous said...

I am having trouble getting motivated. Some days I am more motivated than others. Any words of encouragement?

Unknown said...

It is hard isn't it? I find going to the gym helps a little for me because it's great to connect with other people and talk, which makes it go a bit faster! I wish I could fall in love with the whole thing, but I do feel better when I do it. I keep hoping one day it will just click and I will adore working out. I'll let you know if it ever happens! Great to find you on Twitter. I'm now happily following so I can see if you find the secret! Lol!

Kori said...

I'm right there with you honey...just started working out and it is tough! Have a great night honey! Kori xoxo

Liz Mays said...

When I exercise, I'm 7 days a week. I can't take a day off because I'm all or nothing.

Elly Filho said...

Welcome to my world LOL
I hated the work out too.. but now that I have been doing the classes it's so fun I want to do it daily ( they say it's good to rest one day ) I think the loud music and the laughter and the instructor right there with me made me feel motivated .. almost a month into it and I haven't seen any changes besides a 5 pounds drop but I'm not getting discourage I will keep going with Gods Help :)

Sorta Southern Single Mom said...

I don't... I'm terrible at it... well, I'm a pretty healthy eater, but I do not exercise during the week. I do a hour or two of yoga on the weekends.

Janice said...

I started working on my diet first & then exercise. Like you though, I need to get myself motivated to do it more!

Amanda @ Coping with Frugality said...

As I was reading this I was eating a bowl full of junk food that I have since put down. I have an appointment with my trainer tomorrow that I must keep! It is so hard to keep the motivation up - I feel you. Good luck sticking too it!

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