Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Arthur Christmas, Holiday Traditions and a Twitter Party

As I sit back and think about our holiday traditions, I realize how they’ve changed over time. How, some things stuck with me as I moved out of my family home and started my own life and with that new life started other traditions.
Christmas Tree
I don’t remember what I used to do for 4th of July when I was a kid. We moved so much, I don’t think we had a tradition. Here, every single year for the past 14 yrs, the extended family on the boys side comes up to Aitkin and we all spend a few days together. It’s awesome.

Christmas we either drive to Illinois or Virginia. It just depends on the year. In Chicago, we all open presents on Christmas Eve and stockings on Christmas Day. That’s totally different for me. We would always open one present from my dad’s mom and that was it on Christmas Eve. The next morning we all dive right in opening everything including stockings.

With our move to Virginia, we’ll start a whole new set of holiday traditions. We won’t be going to my Aunt B’s for Thanksgiving any more. We won’t be spending Easter with her. That will be tough, and I might have to intentionally bring the family out at Thanksgiving or Easter every year because we love the time we spend with her.

I think about down the road as well. What will happen if my family blends with another one if I ever remarry. What kind of traditions will they have that we’ll have to mesh into ours and will they be ok with the ones we enjoy? Blending a family takes a lot of thought and prayer.

I can tell you one thing I probably won’t be doing again after last year’s fiasco and that’s using a live Christmas tree. The one we had was brought to us by a friend who works at a local college and they’d had the trees up for weeks and they were giving them away. Well, the tree was absolutely dead! It was miserable to take care of and it was gone within 3 days! lol
Christmas Tree 2
I may actually want to have an artificial Christmas tree from now on. I know that’s what my parents do. Now, this isn’t written in stone. Next year I may want a live tree, because that’s just how I am!
The Arthur Christmas movie focuses on the importance of holiday traditions. It appeals to children ages 4-10. Arthur Christmas celebrates the charm of tradition even in the face of progress. The #TMOM Twitter party will focus on holiday traditions and moving into the new while still appreciating the old, which melds perfectly with Sony's campaign to get kids to write old-fashioned letters to Santa, but deliver them in the new fashioned way.

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*This is a sponsored post by Sony and the The information above is my own. Hope to see you at the Twitter party!


Liz Mays said...

I'm a sucker for Christmas movies....absolute sucker. Gotta watch it!

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