Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Roxx ~ Fun Family Game

It’s kind of funny how you think you know what your boys will like and won’t like. My boys are 4 yrs apart, but they seem to enjoy most of the same things. My oldest is moving away from some of the games my youngest still likes to play. I figured Roxx would be a fun family game to play because it gets us all very involved!

Buddy was kind of so-so when he saw it. He wasn’t that eager to play. So I figured it’d just be Doodle and me. We got the game set up and Buddy wandered over to see what we were doing. Who can resist family games?


He sat down to give it a try and I have to be quite honest here, he REALLY got into the game. Roxx isn’t the kind of game where you just move a piece around a board. In fact there isn’t a board at all.

We each chose a set of Roxx and we began drawing cards. The first one Doodle picked had him double bouncing a Roxx off the wall. He did that well and got to keep his card.

Knock it off

I on the other hand got a card that had me sailing my Roxx across the table to hit another one off. Think it’s easy? HA! Try again. I only had 2 attempts and missed both times.

The part where it got crazy was with the all play one. We had to bounce a Roxx into the silver bowl! The three of us went at once and these Roxx were flying everywhere. I need to use a travel mug when we play because one of Buddy’s Roxx pinged off the rim of my coffee cup!

Roxx and Card

There are so many different cards that gets the players active, we kept having to get up out of our chairs. It was also fun to debate how the action shot was supposed to be done! I think it would be helpful to have a non-player present during the game. hahahahaha


We had a great time playing and it’s definitely fun for the entire family!

*I was given this product for review. The opinions expressed are 100% my own.


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