Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Taste of Home Tuesday: Cornbread

I was planning on doing a dessert this week or a different side dish, and while cornbread is a side dish, I hadn’t actually planned on making it…yet. I did have it on my menu as I had all the makings for chili! I had decided to make chili last minute for a family at church who has been dealing with an extended illness. Just the day before I had purchased cornmeal for my future cornbread making.
Today’s Taste of Home Best Loved Recipes’ side dish is Corn Bread Squares!
Cornbread ingredients
That means I’m going to be putting this cornmeal to a lot of good use. I bet it would taste good with soups, too? Oh, and when I made it the first time, I made it with skim milk. I’m thinking it might be better to go with the 2% that’s suggested in the recipe.
Cornbread mixing
Cornbread cooked
When I look at the picture above, I think of my cornbread as smiling because it knows it turned out delicious! Seriously, this was some good tasting cornbread!
Cornbread & chili
I came home today (Monday) with ground beef and all that I need to make chili for my oldest son and I. My youngest, meh, he’s not so keen on it. So, he’ll have something else. One of the standbys. Both boys have them. lol
Corn Bread
Cornbread recipe 1
Cornbread recipe 2
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fancygrlnancy said...

That looks good.. I have not made cornbread before.. well on my own. I will have to try your recipe. Thanks for sharing.

Liz Mays said...

Yes, yes, yes! YUM!

Danielle Harper said...

Perfect for the fall weather - looks so yummy!

Amanda @ Coping with Frugality said...

That looks great. I can't eat chili without corn bread so I have pinned this recipe to find it easily. Thanks so much for sharing it with Delicious Dish Tuesday.

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