Thursday, October 25, 2012

It’s Time to Spill the Beans

Today’s writing prompt is to write a blog post in 12 lines. I’m going to have to get creative with this one! lol I’ve been waiting to share so here it goes…


Dad and his crazy huge computer!

1. My boys and I will be moving in December from Minnesota to Virginia to live with and near my family which I haven’t done since I was 18 (25 yrs ago).

2. I didn’t think it would be that hard to leave because I hate Minnesota weather, but it turns out that Minnesota has become home to me over the last 14 yrs.

3. It wasn’t an easy choice to decide to move away from everything that’s become familiar to me and my boys, where they’ve been born and raise for 13 and 9 yrs.

4. I’ve never lived somewhere for so long in my life.

5. My oldest son has been asking various people, including my oldest daughter, if they will let him live with them or in my daughter’s case, if she would move home so he didn’t have to leave.

6. I don’t handle change very well so it’s going to be an adjustment for all of us, and my moods lately have been swinging all over the place.

7. The hardest part for me will be leaving my daughters who I never thought I’d ever live away from, especially here in Minnesota where people rarely leave.

8. My ex husband will be moving into the house so if things don’t pan out the way I’m hoping they will (to be able to stand on my own two feet financially), I will be able to move back to the house and start all over again.

9. I will give it until or through the summer to see how things go because if is too much of an adjustment, we can just as easily pack up and move back to what we know and go from there.

10. I won’t be telling my boys about the “opt-out” plan because my oldest could intentionally make it absolutely miserable, whereas my youngest son’s biggest concern is “do they have WiFi and do you know the password?” because he wants to be sure he can still used his iPod.

11. I have a huge 5 bedroom house that I’ve lived in for 6 yrs (we only moved about 5 miles from our previous house we’d lived in for 8 yrs) and all of our belongings to pack ON MY OWN and I’m not doing a great job at it since I’m trying to do a little bit at a time, but time is seriously picking up speed and I only have two months before we start our drive out East.

12. If anyone one has any suggestions on how to get this all done and not be an emotional wreck, or wants to come help me pack, I’ve got a couple of bedrooms you could use while we get it all done, because I’m afraid I’ve bitten off more than I can chew!

Mama’s Losin’ It

Writing Prompts:

1.) Write a post in just 12 lines.
2.) Book Review time! Recommend a great book, perfect for these stormy fall days!
3.) Tell us about something that fascinates you.
4.) Write a list of 10 things you have said to your kids that other moms might not say.
5.) Halloween is coming! Show us what your kids will be wearing.


Sorta Southern Single Mom said...

I got very excited when I read the title.

Pray and relax..that is my biggest advice. I have been in similar shoes. It will all work out. YOu can always message me when you are freaking out :-)

I'm so pleased for you. This is a big step and you will rock it Mama! Plus, you will be closer to me!!!

Kate Pantier @ Mommy Monologues said...

Welcome back to the south!!!

I'll hit you up for advice on how to get things ready to move, we plan on doing that next summer.

I'm so wishing you good luck while you get this all done. I know it must be overwhelming.

carol daniels said...

Oh, my heart just aches for you. I went through the same thing 22 years ago. Your post brought back up a lot of anxiety. Those were distressing years.

I did it. It was hard. I moved, went back for a few months (with five children) to see if it would work out. It didn't, so I moved back home to family. My emotions were a wreck. I wish I wouldn't have done that to my kids. When you make the decision to leave... leave and don't look back. Your opt-out plan will only prolong the inevitable and will continue the misery. The kids will adjust and it will be better for them in the long run. Sorry, if the advice sounds harsh. I learned the hard way.

Good luck! I'll be rooting for you.

Liz Mays said...

I did it all by myself too and it can be done! Driving through the mountains with the truck wasn't the most joyful experience of my life, but I live to tell the tale so it's all good.

You'll be fine, but I'll be honest. I had to step away from my blog for a while because I couldn't do both. I just couldn't.

Unknown said...

I hope things go well. Praying for you.

MMAR said...

My advice is to take it one day at a time and don't your fears become reality by letting them control you!! Stay positive! You are a wonderful mom and can do anything :)

fancygrlnancy said...

Sounds like a big step, but you can do it. Just take lots of deep breaths.. :)

Danielle Harper said...

Oh gosh Mimi! Such big changes for you and your family. Changes are hard, but you are a strong woman and I know you can do it. Hugs Mama.

Bridget at Le. Rheims said...

I lived in the same house for almost my entire life until I married 8 years ago, and then, after a year in an apartment, my husband and I moved back into that house to live with my parents for a few more years. It was so hard to leave there the second time, because my parents were selling and we knew we'd never go back. I feel for you, making such a big move, away from what your kids know. I'm sure though that moving near family will make it all worth while.

Deb K said...

I wish you all the best on your big move,and hope that things work out for you.

I moved back to Mn with my 3 kids by myself and they were not happy as we lived in Wisc. for 15 years.But we have been here for over 20 years now and haven't looked back!As sometimes change is good.

Emily Cullen said...

I moved twice this YEAR, from NJ to MA and now finally, I hope, to OH. I lived in NJ for 35 years and I have learned that it doesn't really matter where you live as long as you are with the people you love. The best of luck to you.

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