Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Taste of Home Tuesday: Cheeseburger Soup

It has gotten very chilly here in Minnesota. In fact, it’s snowed twice at my house! Yes, snowed at the end of October. Thankfully there was no accumulation. This cold weather has me seeking out some warm dinners to make!
Cheeseburger Soup Ingredients
I decided to have a can of soup with dinner the other night. It was a creamy potato broccoli one. Sounds good, right? lol I barely ate any because it didn’t taste good at all to me. I can’t tell you how excited I am to be making my own meals from scratch! When I went to my Taste of Home Best Loved Recipes to find a soup, the one I finally went with was their Cheeseburger Soup. It wasn’t an easy choice since there were SO many too choose from!
Cheeseburger Soup Collage
Starting to cook from scratch means I’m having to buy less and less ingredients such as spices and other ‘extras’. I’m trying to keep what I would consider ‘basics’ around for any recipes I might decide to make.
Cheeseburger Soup cooking
Ok, so when I got to the step above, I was just plugging along following the recipe. I poured the potatoes into the other ingredients and I was supposed to let it cook about 10-12 minutes. I went on to the next step and once that was done (about 3 minutes later) I poured the mix in and let it cook a few more minutes. Needless to say, my potatoes weren’t cooked all the way through. =/ My bad!
Oh, and I’ve NEVER used processed cheese in a block form ever in my life. I’ve never even touched the stuff. That is some seriously FUNKY stuff!
Cheeseburger Soup
You’ll be interested to know how this tasted. lol It reminded me of Hamburger Helper. The funny part is, I’ve always wanted to make that stuff, but not from a box because I figure it’s full of preservatives! Here I am, making it on my own. I scarfed this stuff down and had it again the next day. It’ll be my lunch tomorrow, too!

I was so bummed to walk back to my pan to put the rest away for left overs because I noticed I forgot to add the sour cream! UGH! I was so hungry I just finally scooped it into the bowl and started chowing down! I was glad I noticed it because I added it to what was left. Sigh…one of these days I’ll do a recipe completely as it should be!
Cheeseburger Soup Recipe
Be sure to link up your recipes with the ladies at Delicious Dish Tuesday! So many great recipes to try out there!
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Sorta Southern Single Mom said...

Look at us both posting recipes on Monday!

I have a very similar recipe that I got off the Food Network. I bet this was the original because I remember the guest chef saying the original called for celery and her children didn't like it so she doctored the recipe. It's cold enough here the I'm going to have to add the ingredients to my grocery list this week!

Felicia said...

My husband would love this recipe! Thank you so much for sharing.

Jeanna said...

That looks so delicious, Mimi. Was looking for something along that line to make and ended up with meatloaf instead.
It's snowed already? Say it ain't so. Was 77 here in southern WI last week, then plummeted.

apple blossom said...

This sounds yummy!!! I wish I could convince my hubby to be a soup eater. About only soup he won't balk at is chili. and every once in a great moon ham and bean soup.

Anonymous said...

that looks so good!

Mama on a Green Mission said...

That looks so good! All of your recipes are making my mouth water! I know hubby would love this, too! I need to find the time to make it! Thanks for sharing!!

Danielle Harper said...

My hubby would love this - especially after a long day of work... he works outside & we live in Ohio. :/

Anonymous said...

This looks so so good and I think this is one that my whole family will like too!

mayazoe said...

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