Monday, December 16, 2013

Best Buy Gift Card; The Best Tech Gifts! #OneBuyForAll #shop

Best Buy Disclosure
Shopping for two of the guys in the family is as simple as finding gift cards. Yep, my dad and brother are the two men who are the easiest to to buy cool gifts for. I say easiest because for the guys, heading to Best Buy gets me in and out in the blink of an eye. Ok, that is, if I don’t take my boys with me.

My boys are techy and I’m sure they feel like they’ve died and gone to heaven each time we walk in. Oh, and we’re rather partial to Best Buy since they’re headquartered in Minneapolis. BooYah!
Best Buy Christmas Shopping #OneBuyForAll[5]
Looking at my boys list as well as the list my mom sent me, I could do at least 1/4 of my Christmas shopping at Best Buy. That’s typically how it goes every year! You can see, at the beginning of November, mom and I started getting our lists together for the whole family. We need time to plan because lately we haven’t been buying present throughout the year.

Last weekend after church the boys and I headed to Best Buy to get gift cards and I needed a few more ideas to give to mom for the boys. Bringing the boys to the store with me and then letting them take the lead as to what we look at is my sneaky way of getting ideas.
Movies for the Boys #OneBuyForAll[12]
Oy, yes, first stop was at the tablets. These boys are seriously dreaming! hahahaha They may have the tech bug from my dad. If it’s 6 months old, they need something newer! When I was a kid…Are you at all like my dad who keeps up on what’s trending in gadgets? I have a sneaky suspicion my boys will follow suit! You can watch what what Best Buy has trending on Twitter, too!

These boys have each been begging for headphones and holding the off hasn’t been easy. hahahaha We’ve had several long trips over the past month and each time, either before, during or after, they’ve both said how much they “need” headphones. Well, they’ll be getting them and it sure was helpful that they liked the ones they’ll be getting as evidenced by them playing with them at the store. You can’t try on headphones online, hence why I like going to the store.
SOL REPUBLIC at Best Buy #OneBuyForAll #shop[6]
It was time for mama to show the boys some ideas! I usually buy presents for myself from my kids, but it’s nice to give them the ideas as to what I might like. What I typically do is show them what I want and then let them choose from those things and we stick their choices in the cart and off we go. =) I mean, I’m a single mom. lol There aren’t a lot of options.
Cool Gifts From Best Buy #OneBuyForAll #shop[6]
After we walked around the store and got some ideas, we headed to the gift cards up at the registers. Doodle must’ve been paying attention to some other shiny because by the time he was standing with us at the gift card tower, Buddy had already chosen four gift cards! Oy, these boys in Best Buy is like herding cats! Of course, he was indignant that he didn’t get to choose 2 of the gift cards so we gave him a minute to choose.Gift Card Options #OneBuyForAll #shop[5]

It was good to get two people off the gift list from the kids. The boys will give their uncle a gift card and so will my girls. Then they’ll each, as pairs, give their grandpa a gift card.
Gift Cards for the Holidays #OneBuyForAll #shop[4]
A bonus to buying Best Buy gift cards is that at the bottom of your receipt you’ll have some numbers that you can use to enter the Give It To Win It card promotion! You could win: (1) Grand Prize: $10,000 Best Buy gift card, (5) First Prizes: $500 Best Buy gift card, (10) Second Prizes: $100 Best Buy gift card, (40) Third Prizes: $50 Best Buy gift card! Doing it online, I was able to have all 4 of my gift cards entered with the one number! You can enter December 11-24th.
Give it to win it from Best Buy #OneBuyForAll #shop[5]
Now, if you’re still trying to figure out some last minute ideas, Best Buy will be partnering with Google on 12/17 for a Google+ “shoppable hangout” Broadcast hangout with a host and 10-12 participants. You can view the hangout on a YouTube page or your Google+ page.

I need a few more stocking stuff ideas so I’ll have to see what suggestions they might have. How are you doing with your Christmas shopping? Are you done?!


Liz Mays said...

I think I'm finished except for stocking stuffers! Woohoo! You're a sneaky one watching the kids to get ideas. I like your style. :)

Candy said...

Great way to get ideas for gifts! Best Buy is my favorite store!

Alicia said...

There is just something about Best Buy and guys that equals gift giving awesomeness. It must all the endless tech items, but a Best Buy gift card is always appreciated by any guy I know. #client

Alesha @ Full Time Mama said...

Gift cards always make great gifts, in my opinion... Then you know they can get something they REALLY want! I'll be doing a few of those as gifts this year. :)
My kids always stop at the tablets first too! LOL! My 6-year-old even asked for one for Christmas this year... haha

Unknown said...

Looks like you found some great items in the store! My husband and I went to Best Buy several times this year while doing our Christmas shopping! #client

Helen said...

I made sure I did my Christmas shopping early I hate being out in the crowds looking over what everyone left or messed up It is horrible

Pam said...

My kids always head right for the video games. Best Buy gift cards are my go to gift for my hard to shop for brother and brother-in-law. You really can't go wrong.

janetfaye said...

I bought gift cards for my sons this year and they were happy to be able to pick something they really wanted.

Anita Yancey said...

I got a lot of gift cards for Christmas this year, they are so much easier than picking out presents for hard to buy for people. I finished my shopping in November this year.

Unknown said...

I love Best Buy! I bought a lot of Christmas gifts there.

InTheKnowWithJoJo said...

We love Best Buy and do alot of shopping there

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