Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Best Gift For My Niece This Year! #ScentSavings #shop

Britney Spears Disclosure
We were so excited to spend Thanksgiving with  the boys’ cousins and aunt and uncle. The plan was to celebrate Christmas for the kids after Thanksgiving and my oldest niece was getting a Britney Spears Fantasy perfume set. It was hard to choose when we were at Walmart because there were several fragrance options!
Britney Spears Perfume #ScentSavings #shop[5]
Figuring out what to get a teenage girl who is fashionable and has her own style, can be a challenge for an aunt who doesn’t have the greatest fashion sense. Her sisters were easy to shop for. I got them FROZEN dolls. My nephew got the new Diary of a Wimpy Kid book, too.

The boys needed to go shopping with me to help give me ideas on what to get their cousins. Of course, when it came to the fragrance to pick for Elisa, they were absolutely zero help! The Walmart we went to didn’t have a perfume section, but they were getting ready for the Black Friday sales and had out holiday display quads. They were extremely picked over and the tester for several of them weren’t available. I chose the pink Fantasy because being a girly girl, pink would be right up her alley.
Fantasy #ScentSavings #shop[6]
When we got to Williamsburg for Thanksgiving, my oldest daughter, Elisa and I went out shopping and I tried to sneak getting her to try the scent, but we were jipped again and couldn’t find a tester at the other Walmart. lol I just couldn’t win.

Saturday night the boys’ uncle went out and got a Christmas tree, but we were so busy there wasn’t any time to decorate it. When we were going to open presents, we ended up doing it in the family room with all of the kids tearing into their presents! I didn’t even see what the boys got until the festivities were done. Oy
Britney Spears Christmas Gift #ScentSavings #shop[5]
After we finished up with the quick present exchange, we took a gazillion photos in ever possible combination you can imagine. That’s kind of how we are, especially me when it comes to picture taking. I never want to miss a moment! Cousins together, parents and kids together, just the ladies together, all the guys, all of the girls, everyone altogether, it was probably half an hour of family photos!

Fantasy Celebrity Voice Ring Tone #ScentSavings #shop[5]
When you purchase one of the fragrance gift sets, you get a code for a free ring tone. Her phone wasn’t getting a great signal so we had to go online and figure out which Celebrity Voice Ringtone she wanted. Oh my gosh, by far, Taylor Swift was the best. Heck, I’d even have it as a ring tone!
Fragrance Ringtone #ScentSavings #shop[6]
Speaking of Taylor Swift, seeing how my oldest is a millennial, she would probably love the gift sets, too. In fact, this year, her close friends all went to a Taylor Swift concert in a different state for my daughter’s birthday. They wore hand designed shirts that actually got them into a special section for TS fans!
And seeing how I love getting meaningful and thoughtful gifts, the Taylor Swift set would be a great reminder of her time at the concert! Why yes, I’m cool like that! Definitely go to http://www.scentsavings.net to find out more for Chistmas present ideas!

At the end of the night, Elisa had found a perfect spot for her new pink Fantasy gift set, right in the pink bathroom! lol It’s a bathroom that makes you feel like you’re in Portugal, which is where her mom is from. The sink is dark pink with white flowers and the walks are a dusty pink. Add in the best gift she’ll get all year, boom, they have a happy new home!
fantasy by Britney Spears #ScentSavings #shop[5]

Are you like our family? Do you celebrate Christmas at Thanksgiving or earlier than the 25th?


ReviewsSheRote said...

she can smell great while she rocks out =) WONDERFUL!!!

Unknown said...

What an awesome gift! I haven't smelt Brittney's perfume yet, how does it smell?

mystylespot said...

MY BFF is obssessed with Britney perfumes! she would love this! Thanks so much for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Awwww - the smile on her face says it all. Lol. I have a few nieces who are crazy about Britney Jean too and would so love this gift set idea.

Thanks for sharing. :)


Anonymous said...

This is a really cute idea and I love Britney Spears' Fantasy perfume. It has a nice, slightly sweet scent with vanilla and lavender tones.

Dee Mauser

Anonymous said...

I received a sample of this and was surprised how appealing this perfume is, even to someone in their 30s! #client

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