Saturday, December 21, 2013

Buddy Looking At Getting His First Mobile Phone #APlusPlan #shop

Best Buy Mobile Specialty Store Disclosure
This is totally going to be a proud mom post, and hopefully you’ll be ok with it. Because he’s been doing so well in school, we’re looking at him getting a student mobile plan. He already carries around a mobile phone in school, but as Fred mentioned the other day to me, students will more and more be using smartphones in every day life.
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So, let me explain how I became a proud mom in this area. Buddy has struggled in school pretty much from the start. He’s a great student and very well liked, he just had a hard time because of his ADD. He started meds in middle school, but they didn’t seem to do much. Then we moved. The school in Virginia was about a year behind and it helped him feel smart and confident! He knew what was going on!
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Now, in Maryland, he’s had the best first quarter…EVER! He’s not a fan of going to school, but he’s excelling! And he’s a freshman in a high school, where he started the year with no friends. All A’s and B’s! Can you see why I’m a proud mom?
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We were going to the mall this past week to see a movie, and since we were at the mall, I figured it was a great opportunity to check out the Sprint My Way promotion at the Best Buy Mobile Specialty Store. I’d heard about the program and having 4 kids, it’s an option that’s pretty hard to not want to take a deeper look.
Samsung GS4 Mini #APlusPlan #shop[5]
As soon as I told Buddy we would go look at smartphones, he was pretty stoked! One of the phones we looked at was the Samsung GS4 Mini. My mom has the Galaxy 3 and dad has the 4! We talked with the store manager and if we bought the phone at full price ($349.99) Buddy would get FREE talk, text and data (up to 1GB) for 12 months! Knowing this boy, I’d have to go unlimited for him and heck, that would only be $10/mo! Better than what I already pay!
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Of course, he thinks this is the best thing…eh-ver! And truly, I can’t argue with how amazing the plan is and that he really deserves something like this for all of the hard work he’s put in the past year! We’ll have to decide on whether or not this is what we’ll get because the promotion ends on January 4th. Thankfully we have until the new year to figure it out. He has literally asked me every single day when we’re going back for his phone. lol
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The good part about the Best Buy Mobile Specialty Store being in the mall is that we go there enough for other shopping and the movies. Makes it easier to do one trip for everything than going from one place to the next. I also like that it’s a store where you can get personalized attention because it’s such a small store. Ugh, and have I mentioned, I still have Christmas shopping to do? I’ll probably go back in and look a bit closer at the phone options.

So, like I said at the beginning, Buddy has put a lot of hard work into this school year and I’m really proud of him. I can tell he is going to keep up the hard work because he wants to keep having the opportunity to tell people how great his grades are. lol

How do you reward your kids for their hard work?


Alicia said...

Congratulations to Buddy! I'd reward him with a new phone:) #client

Linette said...

Congrats to your son on all his hard work! I bet he was super excited to find out his reward!

mystylespot said...

that is so great! Loved reading this! Happy New Year! xo xo

LaVonne said...

What a great promotion for students. I love that you took him with you to get a great phone. I love Best Buy!

Bo said...

That's a great promotion! And congrats to Buddy!

Anita Yancey said...

Congrats to your son on his hard work. I hope he enjoys his new phone.

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