Thursday, June 2, 2011

RED Thread Movement

I was so excited to connect with Brittany Partridge after her most recent trip to Nepal a few weeks ago. Sharing about the Red Thread Movement is just a small way for me to share with you what it’s all about it. I’m hoping that after you learn more about why it exists, you’ll want to support this organization as well!Red Thread hands

About The Red Thread Movement

The Red Thread Movement is a student initiative partnering with Eternal Threads to combat sexual slavery.

Their Mission:

  • Generate awareness for the global human rights crime of sexual exploitation of women and young girls.
  • Raise money to rescue girls in Nepal through the sale of $3 Red Thread bracelets.

Their Work:

  • We sponsor a safe house in Butwal, Nepal, where women and young girls victimized by sex trafficking receive shelter, counseling and vocational training.
  • At-risk girls are employed alongside those in safe the safe house to make the bracelets for Fair Trade wages to prevent them from becoming victims of sex trafficking.
  • We sponsor two border units along the Nepal/India border. Women and girls previously rescued out of sex trafficking help man the units, since they possess the personal experience to effectively identify traffickers.
  • We sponsor girls’ sewing classes in villages throughout Nepal that provide young women with the training and resources needed for them to earn a steady income.
  • We provide Red Thread bracelets to girls in Nepal that they use to educate their friends and other girls about the risk of being trafficked.

Trafficking in Nepal

In Nepal, women and girls are being enticed to leave their villages to receive promising jobs abroad, primarily in India. Naive and vulnerable, they are deceived into accepting attractive offers that they fully believe will benefit both their futures and their families’ incomes. Once these girls cross the border, they are completely at the mercy of their traffickers who have intentions of selling them to brothel owners for a small fortune. When they reach the brothels, these women and girls are imprisoned in sexual slavery with slim chance of ever retuning to Nepal.

How can this be stopped? Is it possible to prevent? Kingdom Investments Nepal (LINK), the non-government organization we support, is actively working to prohibit the crimes associated with sex trafficking and rehabilitate the women and girls they rescue. KIN has anti-trafficking surveillance units along the Nepal/India border, each rescuing between 3 and 6 girls every day. When the women and girls are rescued, they are counseled and returned to their villages.Red Thread SewingSadly, many women and girls are unable to return to their villages immediately after being rescued due to shame or social rejection. KIN has a safe house where women and girls in these circumstances are provided shelter, counseling, an education and vocational training. the safe house is run by a loving staff and operates in such a way that the women and girls leave with renewed confidence, hope and respect as they reenter society.Red Thread housingMany Nepalese girls are vulnerable to being trafficked due to low status, insufficient education and poverty. Through a project called Ambassador Bands, Nepalese girls have begun wearing the same Ted Thread bracelets to bring awareness to girls throughout their country, spreading knowledge to at risk girls of the dangers of trafficking and how to prevent themselves from being trafficked.

Follow the Red Thread Movement







How can you get involved? You can purchase a Red Thread Movement bracelet for $3. You can also Sponsor a Girl's Sewing Training! For $35, a Nepalese girl can receive full training in sewing and embroidery. We offer the chance to sponsor these girls with a one-time donation. By investing in classes for a girl, you are enabling her to generate her own income which gives her the chance at a future of respect, confidence, and prosperity. Sponsors can purchase a $35 certificate in our Online Store that includes a photo of the girl they have sponsored. Also, you may choose to raise money and support an entire center for $1,400. There are more ways to get involved! Visit Red Thread’s Project page to learn more!

It would be awesome if you’d grab the button on the top left of my page to show support for the Red Thread Movement!
I want to thank Brittany for allowing me the privilege of sharing about the organization she co-founded! I am so proud of her and I am thankful that God brought her and her family into our lives!


Liz Mays said...

It's such a horrible and widespread occurrence and I just hate that it's happening. Love this movement!

Vicky said...

It's awful that some of the girls feel they can't go back because of shame or social rejection. I'm glad there's a place for them. Thanks for sharing this movement.

Closer to Lucy said...

A horrible thing! All praise to this movement!

Catherine said...

Thank you for this post. I'll be following and supporting the red thread movement.

Bibi @ Bibi's Culinary Journey said...

My heart always breaks when I hear about issues like sexual slavery and abuse.It's so wonderful to know that there are people who are working hard on trying to change it and make the world better and safer place.

Thank you for sharing this great information with us.

Charise @ I Thought I Knew Mama said...

Thank you for sharing such important info! I'm so glad to learn about this project. Have you read the book "Sold" by Patricia McCormick? For anyone interested in this topic, this book is a must read. Actually, even if you don't care about this topic, I guarantee you will love this book. It's so beautifully written and a very quick read:

Stumbled :-)

The Budget Diet said...

This issue has certainly been making headlines lately, but this is the first I've heard of somebody helping! Thanks for sharing. stumbled!

Dr. Julie-Ann aka The Modern Retro Woman said...

This sounds like a great program! Thank you for sharing it. {stumbled}

the Damsel in Dis Dress said...

Thank you for bringing something so important to my attention.

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