Monday, July 4, 2011

If They Only Knew

Do you ever wish you could make people understand that the person people see isn’t the real you? This could be at work, church, online, etc. They only see a glimpse of who you are. Maybe only what you want them to see.

At work no one has a clue as to who I really am. Well, there are a couple of people, but that’s it. I’ve worked at my store for almost 5 yrs. These people don’t know me from Adam. At work, I have no responsibilities. I like going to work. It’s not a dream job, but I like it. I love working with people and I’m constantly helping new people. I’m typically in a great mood there. Always smiling, always happy, always trying to brighten up the day of those I work with.

IMG_6277 That’s not me. Sure, I’m goofy, and love to joke around, and I really am in a good mood and enjoy making people smile at work, but no one believes I have a temper. They don’t realize that I can drop and “F” bomb just as easy as the next person. I don’t do it often since swearing isn’t part of my daily vocabulary, but trust me, I do it. And I’m a yeller. I can lose it in the drop of a hat, and that’s mostly around the time I’m PMSing. Really, that’s about the only time I’m irrational.

I’m a slob. No, not “Oh, there’s a single plate in my sink and it’s oh so embarrassing” kind of slob. I’m more like “Hey, did I just walk into a 19 yr old boy’s dorm room” slob. People have a hard time believing it. At work everyone sees me put together. One guy I work with said something to the effect of my home probably being spotless. What a joke. No one who knows me will every confuse me with being neat, tidy or spotless. No, you won’t find me on “Hoarding,” but I have my piles.

Being late is a lifestyle of mine. I’m late to everything. I was a bit perturbed that Elizabeth Taylor intentionally went to her own funeral late because that was MY idea! I even have it written down in a book that I want that to happen at my funeral some day. You can always count on me to be late. I’m consistently late to work. We are given a 5 minute grace period and I ALWAYS use that grace period.

Bodily functions don’t bother me. I have no idea why I’m throwing this one in there aside from the fact that I just this photo of my kids and people have got to know…they’re mine and they get this from me. My daughter used to tell people I could burp the alphabet. Ah, my kids are so proud. If you want a glimpse into me here it is:Christmas in VADo any of you deal with this? Do you get tired of people not believing you when you say, “I’m a crappy mom most of the time,” or whatever your “If they only knew” issue is? Do you get sick of hearing people say something to the effect of, “Oh my gosh, no you’re not, I’m sure you’re a great mom”?


Shanda said...

I totally get this. I feel I am on some sort of pedastool that I never put myself. Yet, when people do come over and see what I slob I really am, or hear me show my truely critical self, they extend nothing but grace for me. Maybe we are the ones that put out an image that isnt' real and others have nothing else to go on....You have made me think. Hmmm?

Holly G said...

I completely get this too. My classroom is extremely neat and orderly. That's because I don't have three tornadoes...I mean toddlers...running through it all day every day. People also tend to think I'm religious. I don't find that insulting at all. However, I do find it insulting when people find out that I'm an atheist and then say something like, "Wow. I never would've guessed. You're so nice." Huh? Since when are all atheists mean??

KristinFilut said...

Birds of a feather, Meem. I constantly feel like my house is trashed, and then I walk into someone's house that is apologizing all over themselves for their "messy house" and I think to myself, "Ha! Mine doesn't look this good on a good day!!!"

Liz Mays said...

Ok, but would you really want them to agree with you and say yes, you really are a crappy mom who's also a horrific slob? Nope, no way!

And besides, there's not one of us who is the same behind closed doors as we appear on the outside. Everyone would hate everyone if that were true. lol

Darcy said...

Oh so many people only see one side of me. But hey, it's often because that's the only side I truly want them to see.

2 Kids and a Coupon said...

Too funny! I can totally relate.

Gave you a stumble. Thanks for stopping by!

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