Friday, July 22, 2011

The Right Guy ~ Where Oh Where Is He?

Crazy Stupid Love Last night I went to see a screening of Crazy, Stupid, Love. It was awesome! In the 13 yrs I’ve lived in Minnesota and gone to a movie, the crowd has never been interactive…until last night. We were all laughing so hard and clapping, it was awesome!

Did I mention I fell in love? With Ryan Gosling’s character. Trust me, when you watch this movie, you will too.

On the way home, my friend and I were discussing finding a guy, where to find him, what he’d be like and it only served to confuse me more.

What is my type? I’m not sure I even know. Is there really a specific type for one person. I’m actually attracted to guys who have opposite personality traits and qualities. When I think about it, I start battling with myself because both groups of guys have something that appeals to me.

The first guy, the one I really hope to meet is similar to me in many respects. I love people and want to be with someone who loves them too. Ok, not looooves them, but enjoys hanging out, going out to dinner or grilling at “our” place. He’s funny and makes me laugh. He likes getting out and doing things: hiking, movies, road trips, camping, etc. Loves sports and enjoys going to the games and watching them at home.

The second guy is mellow. He balances me out in a GOOD way, not like my ex. He’s reliable and dependable. He’s steady like a beating drum. I know what to expect. Not boring, but not WAAAAAH like I can be. He’s someone I can feel safe with. Why does it sound like I’m talking about a Labrador Retriever?

Mid section image of a couple holding hands, outdoorsIn general here’s what I’d like from THE guy:

  • Loves the Lord
  • Loves my kids…or at least tolerates them when they drive us crazy
  • When I’m sick with the flu, he’s the one holding my hair and telling me I’m still beautiful.
  • When PMS hits (and it does in spades monthly) he’ll be my calming force through the insanity
  • Doesn’t try to control me. Been there done that and I’ll show him the door
  • Doesn’t mind my social media life…or has one of his own

Yah, I know this is a list of probably what everyone woman wants and is looking for, but I feel like I need to get some of this down. I live out in the sticks and don’t see a lot of opportunity even though I work in a hardware store teeming with men. Too bad the only ones who ever ask me out are old enough to be my grandfather or give me the heebie jeebies!

I don’t go out to bars and wouldn’t want to meet someone there anyhow…unless it was Ryan Gosling and I was the one who changed his mind about being a player. I know all the guys at church. None of my friends knows someone in my age range, that’s available.

Man, I really hope I’m not stuck like this forever. If you’re single, and/or a single mom, how do you find someone to go out with? I’m not really interested in online dating as that’s how I met my ex. Any tips or tricks to get back into the game?


Unknown said...

I don't have any tips. I love your requirements!

The movie sounds great!

Jennifer-Eighty MPH Mom said...

Hmmm I don't have any tricks either, and since you are out in the boonies, it has to be even harder.

I think your list is perfectly reasonable!

Maybe the man of your dreams will show up when you least expect it. That is the best kind :)

Joy Tamsin David said...

Oooh, thanks for posting this. I just saw an ad for a free screening in my area and I made sure to grab tix. I wasn't sure if I should bother.

Becca said...

Maybe someone will come through your town and sweep you off your feet! I have been single for a long time so I don't have any fantastic advice for you. I have noticed though that the people who search the hardest for love don't usually find it. Just relax and it will happen :)

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