Friday, July 8, 2011

My Google PR Hates Me!

So, for the past year I’ve been happily blogging along, minding my own business, knowing that at the bottom of my page sat a little box stating Woven by Words had a Google Page Rank of 4/10. FOUR out of TEN people. To me, that was awesome.Fotolia_23980402_Subscription_XXL

Somehow, somewhere someone thought I was doing something right.

Then a year passed. Not a thing happened. Everyone started complaining about their page rank. I didn’t say much other than to agree it would be nice if they updated as often as they said they would, which a year ago we were all under the impression it was quarterly.

Then just around a week or so ago someone posted in one of the blogger groups I’m part of that Google PR had update their numbers. Of course I rushed to my blog to see if I had made it to a 5, not even expecting it, but who knew. I went and saw that I was still at a 4.

To me, a page rank of 4 is totally respectable. The next thing I know people are coming back to the group saying their page rank went down…down I tell ya. I was breathing a sigh of relief knowing I’d looked and I was at a solid 4.

HA! Good times never last, do they? The love grows cold some time.

Tonight I was going to try to join a campaign with another blogger and they needed bloggers with a page rank of 4. Well, that’d be me ma’am! On a whim I checked my blog to see that I was at a 4. I mean, I would be, right? I’d just checked it a week ago.

Then again, someone mentioned Google was going through another round of updates so I figured, eh, what the heck, lets check it.Crying babyI should’ve just stayed in my little ignorant bubble because guess what? I was the victim of reduction! Woven by Words was lowered from a 4 to a 3. No explanation. Not note on the mantle telling me what I’d done or not done to ruin what we had. The 4 was gone. Replaced by a 3.

Why yes, those ARE real crocodile tears. Who wouldn’t cry like that after learning about this travesty?So Sad Girl a THREE I tell you. Where’s the justice? I want a do over, a recount, is there a panel of judges I can talk to?

You took away my foooooour!crying on father's shoulder Did your Google Page Rank go up or down in their recent updates? Does anyone know where we can go to protest? “Heck no, I want more. I wanna go back to my 4.” So, this is how I’m going to sit, for the next day as I hold a grudge against Google and their stinkin’ page rank. Care to join me?Stubborn Fine Google. Take back your 4. I didn’t want it anyhow. (Ok, yes I did so I’ll gladly take it back)


Unknown said...

ours dropped a couple months ago for a few weeks. It was weird and very random how it came back up. Google PR confuses me anyway

sustahl said...

That stinks that they can take away your PageRank! I have been sitting at a 1 for awhile and desperately want it to raise. A 2 would make me happy... a 4 would be paradise!

Shanda said...

I'm sorry your ranks went down. I hate to look at mine ecause it was a 1 before.
Great job of making us laugh at the whole thing though. Love the photos. can bring your rankings back up!

*Nikki* said...

i have no idea what a page rank is...but i do think out of a scale of 10 you are better than four!!!

Veronica Lee said...

I don't want my bubble to burst so I assume I'm still a 4! Knowing somehow takes the joy out of blogging!!

Have a nice day, sweetie!

Unknown said...

I have been a three and will probably stay there.(fingers crossed) I don't have the page views to move up.

Last winter I went from a 3 to a 0. After getting rid of some posts Google doesn't like it popped back to a 3.

Julie said...

I've been blogging for a year, and seeing this article made me go back and try checking my PR again (I've NEVER been able to get a PR rank - I don't know why). For the first time ever, I actually was able to get a rank. It's 3 as well, but at least I have one. I think that in most cases, warm weather means not so many people sitting at their PC's for long periods of time visiting sites and blogs (I live in Ohio, and believe me, it's only warm for a spit of time, so we have to get out an enjoy while it lasts!). You have a great site, and I'm certain that the next round of updates will get you back up there!

TheAtticGirl said...

I totally am with you. I'm so bummed right now. I was a 4...then bumped to a 3, and now I am a 2. Um, hello, I have had MORE traffic lately. How does that equate to a 2? :(

I wish there were someone to complain to.

KristinFilut said...

I totally don't understand Google PR. It's goofy and I think mostly irrelevant. It's frustrating that so many pr peeps ask for it...

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