Monday, July 11, 2011

Project 52: Week 27

What a busy week it was last week! Did the 4th of July being on Monday throw anybody else’s week off like it did mine? I didn’t know if I was coming or going Tues-Friday! So, here’s what my week held in a nutshell…

Headed up North where the cousins spent a bunch of time together & the boys got to be with grandma & grandpa for almost a week! See the flag behind my sister in law? About 3 minutes into our boat ride it was floating to the bottom of the lake. =(

IMG_7375 IMG_7324

IMG_7323 IMG_7369

Then it was off to the fireworks where we waited 3 hours for about 10-15 minutes of fireworks. I shot a boat load of photos in RAW and have no idea how to access them. LOL Way to go Idaho!

IMG_7387 IMG_7436

As parents, we all love to sit on the side of our child’s team, right? Well, too bad I Mr. Smoker sitting about 10’ from me. He was chain smoking so I tried to move further away, but the wind was coming at me so I had to move over to the other teams side! Ugh, for real, Dude? Son had an awesome game. Caught a hit that came right at him, standing behind the Dad pitcher. It was a sweet catch!IMG_7543 Baby was home overnight to come watch both boys baseball games. They’re watching a 3D cartoon. She’s so great with these boys!IMG_7560 We went to a preview of Winnie The Pooh. Too bad it was the day after they’d been out until 11:15 pm with their other big sister seeing Transformers 3. They were both super sleepy during the movie.IMG_7590 Then the big surprise was I had tickets to go to the Waterpark of America, which Buddy has been asking for months to go to. Too bad the fun didn’t last and we were only there for about an hour and a half with a 15 minute entire park break. We’d only had breakfast, no snacks, and Buddy was SO huuuungry that he brought on the drama. There was NO way I was going to pay $22 for a pizza. There’s just no $ in the budget for that. I asked him to wait an hour (after I’d offered Subway on the way to the Park). After about 10 minutes of his drama I told him to go get his brother and we were leaving. Trust me, I had MY melt down after that! Our first time going, free tickets (because I can’t afford to go), and we leave after such a short amount of time. Let’s just say I had a bad mom moment…for more than a moment!

IMG_7595  IMG_7601 IMG_7602 IMG_7604

That was my last week! How was yours. Anything exciting going on with your and your family this summer?


Coffee Lovin' Mom said...

WOW that water park looks AWESOME!! Summer is the best kind of fun isn't it?

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