Saturday, July 30, 2011

Project 52 Weeks 29 & 30

So I think I missed a week. Half way through and only missing a week is pretty good…for me that is. Here’s what we’ve been up to:
Meeting my newest grandson. Ok, so he’s not mine by blood, but I’ll claim him! This was my first time seeing him (his mama is holding him in the first photo). Man is he a chunk! My boys love being uncles. Every year their sister invites them over for the weekend so they can play with their nephews. My oldest grandson (makes me giggle when I say that) is only a year younger than Doodle. My step daughter had her first son ON her 19th birthday. How crazy is it to have a baby ON your birthday? That’s some kind of present I tell ya! This is also my Baby who turned 20…TWENTY last Wednesday holding her nephew.
Mama & baby Baby with a baby
Their dad & I got the boys a Wii. I have enough Amazon gift cards and his $ thrown in that it barely “cost” anything. Of course when the boys came home from their sister’s they mentioned that Nintendo is coming out with a new Wii in 2012! Of course, that’s just my luck. Everyone on the face of the planet had one. We finally get one and a new one is coming out. Whatever!

Buddy’s team came in 3rd place at a baseball tournament. It was an awesome success!IMG_7729 Rugby thinks it’s been a little hot!IMG_7742 Spending the afternoon on the lake. It was gorgeous out!IMG_7760 Here’s where my girlfriend’s and I went for our birthday dinner. I’ll post about our evening tomorrow…hopefully!IMG_7787 What has your week been like? Have you shared them on your blog? If so, let me know where I can come check them out! Have a great weekend!


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