Monday, November 19, 2012

An Afternoon With NIVEA & Co-Workers #NIVEAmoments #CBias

Last Tuesday I invited my co-workers over to Cindy’s house after we got off of work to spend a little girl time together and to take time to pamper our hands after a long day at work. I had gone to get NIVEA at Sam’s Club to get two packs of their lotion. I walked through Sam’s like I usually do drooling over all of the things I want in bulk or at crazy, awesome prices while winding my way to the Sam’s Club lotion section.

12 - 33

Because I’m in the midst of packing up my house, Cindy said she’d be my hostess and since she lives just a few minutes from work, it made it the perfect location.

NIVEA Sam's Club lotion

All of the ladies that were there that day have really brightened my work day! Since I’m moving I wasn’t sure if I’d have any other opportunities to get together with the ladies so I figured, the day after the stress of the election, and just after we all got off of work would be the perfect time.

NIVEA Goody Bags

One thing about where we work, a hardware store, is that there’s no moisture. Our hands can get extremely dry, cracked and scaly from the work we do. We’re constantly handling dusty boxes and products that help dry our skin out. Using our box cutters we’re also dealing with cuts on occasion. I also forget to wear gloves for the most part.

The Ladies

I asked everyone to come over to Cindy’s house after work and we’d all hang out feed our bellies as well as pamper our hands. We all showed up after work, thank you Cindy, and I got out all of the food, goodie bag supplies and NIVEA lotion.

We had one bottle we were able to pass around and start using on our hands. After a long day of work, our hands were extremely happy to have some moisture being sapped into them. It’s fun when you use and share a product with people and you get to see how much they enjoy it!

Nivea & friends

What I found about NIVEA is that it doesn’t make your skin oily and it soaks into the skin. We put it on and for me, my hands felt smooth, but not slippery, like some lotions can be.

I told them about the NIVEA Sam’s Club value of the two pack because the price difference of getting them individually at a different store for a smaller size is significant. To back that up, my friend LoLo below had to go shopping after our get together and her picture text backed up what we knew. And yes, there was a bonus of a sample of another NIVEA lotion included in my two pack!

Modeling Nivea

After we talked about how we’ll use NIVEA in our day to day lives, especially at work, we decided it was time to pamper our bellies and I had each of the ladies fill a bag with goodies to be able to continue to pamper themselves after they left.

It was fun talking about our families and getting to know each other better outside of work. It was relaxing and we simply had a good time hanging out together. We also talked about my upcoming move and how I’m doing on that. Our time together reminded me of how important girl time is!

Time to eat

When I got home, I wanted to find out what else NIVEA had in their product line and not only did I find more products, I found out they’re running some great contests!

What I didn’t realize about NIVEA is that they have and entire line of lip care products, and if they work as well as their lotion, my lips will be eternally grateful. Because, as with my hands at work, my lips become dry and cracked. I use a chapstick constantly throughout my day. Be sure to check out their Kiss Of The Year Contest on their Facebook page! They’ll be picking a winner on November 26th! Let me just say I’m bummed I didn’t know about this contest. =)

A Million Moments of Touch

They also have a great contest for couples with their NIVEA Million Moments of Touch. You can choose how you want to “pledge” and what you want to pledge. I “vowed” to kiss every single day!!! Who wouldn’t like to have a paid for date night with their loved one? I’ll take it!

Please join us for the #NIVEAmoments Twitter Party on Tuesday, December 4 from 1-2pm EST if you are available.

Do you have a way of pampering yourself and your skin, especially in the winter? If so, I’d love some tips!
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Mommy Testers said...

What a nice way to get closer to your co-workers! It looks like everyone had a great time together.

Liz Mays said...

I know what you mean about some lotions leaving that oily residue. That makes me CRAZY!!!! Good to know this doesn't do that!

Amanda said...

What a fun party after a long day of work! My hands are super dry (dry cold Colorado winter air combined with pregnancy) so I could really use a good lotion that soaks in and doesn't leave my hands all greasy. I will check this out next time I go to Sams!

Amy Gramelspacher said...

Looks like a lot of fun! I've never used NIVEA before. I need a good lotion. My hands crack so bad!

Danielle Harper said...

Looks like you guys had a great time.... and I really need something to help with my dry itchy winter skin - gonna give this a try!

Unknown said...

How wonderful that you were able to spend some pampering time with your co-workers outside of the hustle and bustle of work! Treating yourselves while connecting just makes a gathering that much better! Good luck with your move :)

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