Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Heart of Christmas DVD Giveaway

I hadn’t heard about The Heart of Christmas before I saw the movie. I had an idea of what it was about with a trailer, but I definitely wasn’t prepared for the “heart” of this movie.

First of all, it had a few people I recognized like Christian comedian Anita Renfroe (she completely detours from that in this movie), Candace Cameron Bure, and George Newbern (think Father of the Bride). I was interested to watch this line up and to find out at the end that Christian singer, Matthew West played a bit part, was icing on the cake.

The Heart of Christmas

About the movie:

“Based on a true story that gained national attention, the film tells the story of Austin and Julie Locke, who are devastated to learn that their young son Dax has been diagnosed with cancer.  With courage, determination and faith they decide to give the boy one last Christmas – even if it has to be in October!  When the community sees their decorations and learns the truth of what’s going on in their home, a truly moving outpouring of care and support occurs that people really need to see to believe. It’s a great relief to know that this kind of thing really occurs in our society today, despite all our problems.

THE HEART OF CHRISTMAS is also a tremendous Christmas film that many families will add to their favorite holiday movie collections. It teaches valuable lessons about life, faith and community and features popular singer/songwriter Matthew West, whose title song received Emmy® nomination.

For more information about this inspiring true story of hope and compassion, visit the Dax Locke Foundation website at:”

I’ll admit, it wasn’t an easy movie to watch as a mom. I can’t even imagine what it’s like to watch your child go through cancer. The support the Locke family received from the hospital, family and friends is the beautiful part of this story. Dax’s life and the short amount of time he spent on this earth and the impact he had on those around him has the viewer wanting to take stock on what’s important in their life.

Really, there’s no way to walk away from this movie wanting to hug your kids and tell those you love that you love them. It’s definitely a tear jerker, but in a good and tender way.

Now you have the opportunity to win The Heart of Christmas in time to share with your family!

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debijackson said...

my dad would throw walnuts on the house to make it look like deer tracks

cjabdelnour said...


apple blossom said...

Christmas caroling as a family

Anonymous said...

waking up one Christmas morning to three little boys inside the wagon under the Christmas tree.

Daura said...

Christmas of 1989 we gathered senior friends from all over town, we had both sides of the family, all their children and all these empty nester seniors who were surrounded by love and laughter. It really was heartfelt and memorable.

Jennifer Young said...

My sister, brother, and I used to pick out and play a board game in our room every Christmas morning because we'd wake up so early that our parents would still be sleeping and we'd be too excited to go back to sleep!

moschuno said...

My grandfather goes all out for Christmas eve. He makes everything so special, from the decorations to the music and food.

akronugurl said...

making cookies with grandma

Kaizen Fashion Project said...

Ice skating with my sisters on our local town little pond! :)

heatheranne99 at gmail dot com

zokyberyan said...

one of my favorite memories is baking cookies with my mom and grandma ;)

Unknown said...

when my DD was born in 2000 :) My water broke right before we were getting ready to eat dinner

Springflowers2 said...

One of my favorite memories was the morning we had to go on a treasure hunt to find a gift, with notes as much fun! And great for any age!

giggle2much2 at hotmail (dot)com

Ellen said...

Having breakfast in bed with my family before seeing what Santa brought.

Jubilee Reviews said...

last year we had christmas in our new empty house, no furniture or anything. it was very memorable and focused on Jesus

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