Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Flat Iron Experts Holiday Gift Guide Review

Flat Iron Experts LogoTrying new styles of clothing and make-up has been a lot of fun the past year or so. One thing I’d been wanting to do, on my quest to find that feminine side of me is to straighten my hair on occasion. My 2nd daughter has a flat iron and I loved how my hair looked and felt when I used hers.Flat Iron Experts

When I found Flat Iron Experts I felt like I was able to not only find a styling product I needed, but I’d found a wealth of information.

I remember growing up being told to “train” my hair. HA! What a joke. This hair is NOT trainable. Trust me, I’ve tried. It’s straight and blah. Not straight and sleek or shiny, just blah straight and boring.

KQC heat

When you land on their first page, they offer suggestions on the Top 3 products in each of their categories and all you have to do is click on the category listed. I really don’t like trying to guess what products everyone else finds to be the best. Also being that they’re the "flat iron” experts, they list their #1 selling one, the KQC there as well!

I actually received the KQC X-Heat Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron (1" inch) along with the Flat Iron Experts Iron Holder and KQC Shine Spray. The holder suctions to your counter top so you don’t have to just plop your flat iron on the counter. This may sound lame, but I like the look of the flat iron IN the holder. Gives it a professional look on my bathroom counter.

Flat Iron BeforeFlat Iron Back of hair before

The KQC Shine Spray is a “lightweight, non-greasy micro mist spray that eliminates frizz, softens and polishes hair without build up.” I want as much help as I can get to keep my hair from being damaged when I use a hot iron on my hair. I need it to be as healthy as possible for as long as possible.

I also have issues in the winter with serious frizz and static! This is where the flat iron and spray will come into play big time. I love how sleek and shiny my hair is after I straighten it and spray it. When I’m at work, my hair tends to get out of control because of how dry it is there. Now my hair will be manageable in that environment!

Flat Iron straighteningFlat Iron Comparison

So, Flat Iron Experts doesn’t only have flat irons. They have an extensive line of beauty product for the hair such as curlers, dryers, clippers, etc. On top of that they have hair and cosmetic products as well. I honestly had no clue there were so many options available for styling your hair!

Along with the product description, they explain to you the technology used with the product: Tourmaline / Ceramic Technology, Negative Ion Technology, and Far Infared Heat. I’ve definitely learned a lot just by reading through each page and now understand why the tourmaline is the better choice in a product!

Flat Iron Back of hair

Here’s a couple of fantastic bonuses…with each KQC flat iron purchase, you get the KQC Shine Spray absolutely free! And if your order is over $50 you get free shipping for US/Canada orders!

If you’re like me, you have someone in your family who loves getting these kinds of gifts for the holidays! I know that’s how it was with my daughters. Each of my kids get one “big” present and then a few smaller ones. There’s even a Mini KQC for the guys in your family!

*I was provided the product for this review. The opinions expressed are my own and never influenced by the company.


Liz Mays said...

Wow, it really is shiny and healthy looking! Nice to know the shine spray isn't oily too. I can't stand that!

Kelsey Apley said...

Looks great, you can really tell a difference, and it gives such a shine! I actually have the same flat iron and I love it!!

Whitney @ Momma Knows Best said...

Your hair looks great!! I can definitely tell the difference from before & after straightening it. This review is getting me excited because I have one of these flat irons on the way and I know I will be able to tell a huge difference since my hair is full-on curly!

Unknown said...

That looks good I have an Amika flat iron that my hubyy shelled out a lot of $$ for but it is my saving grace for when I want straight hair :)

Karo said...

thank you for the review, I've tried different flat irons and my favorite is the karmin g3, it's great :P

Nichol Perez said...

I am a flat iron addict. Your hair turned out awesome. I definitely could use that flat iron.

latanya t said...

Your hair looks great and has a great shine to it. There are many flat iron choices out there, but this one looks really good for your hair.

Unknown said...

This really gave your hair a lot of shine! I think my daughter could use one of these flat irons!

Anonymous said...

Your hair came out great! It really is more shiny as well as straight. I need to get a new flat iron so I will def be considering this product now.

Amanda s

FireRunner2379 said...

My wife would like this, hers it quite old and doesn't heat up as well anymore. My hair requires only a dryer, which this site had some nice ones, but to me if it blows hot air then it works. My wife has a different idea!

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