Friday, November 2, 2012

Listerine #SweetSmart Three Week Challenge Wrap Up

My boys and I have tried a new routine for the past few weeks thanks to Listerine. I wasn’t concerned about them brushing their teeth, but after I learned more about oral hygiene, I realized I had a lot to worry about.

One, they weren’t brushing long enough, two they were never flossing because they just don’t get using the string in their hands right now, and three, my youngest was the only one using mouthwash.

Interesting part, my youngest was the only one with cavities the last time we went to the dentist in August. No, this mama wasn’t happy especially since she thought her son was doing really well never having had cavities in his 9 yrs!

Final shots

So, we started some new habits that evolved over the last few weeks. First was the new regimen of all the above steps being done correctly. They were given timers to follow for the bushing of their teeth. They learned how to use the flossers and  the disposable ones we already had (but they weren’t using!). And Buddy was encouraged to use mouthwash.

I was willing to try the adult Listerine, but it honestly wasn’t for me, at least not that flavor! lol I’d never tried mouthwash except once or twice in my entire life. That stuff was strong. I’ll admit to you, the green bottle that was for the boys, I actually liked that one and used that mouthwash. Plus, it’s alcohol free so…bonus!

Buddy flossing

I also took fruit snacks out of the boys diet. I vaguely knew sticky food isn’t good for your teeth, but it was reinforced for me during my webinar. Buddy was asking me about 2 weeks into the challenge why I took their fruit snacks away and I explained it wasn’t good for his teeth.

His comeback, well, isn’t pop bad for our teeth too? lol Oh that sweet boy. Don’t you just love his innocence? I told him, a bit smugly, that I’d be happy to take pop out of their diet, too. Oh no, he was fine and wasn’t going to complain about the pop. I told him I wanted to change our diets in manageable bites. Yes, the acid in pop is bad for your teeth and will corrode it like battery acid. No good I tell ya!

dental floss in van

I do have to say, everything in moderation!

Now, for myself, I have to admit, I kept forgetting to do it at night. It’s hard to change a habit…or a non-habit. I was also not so great at using the mouth rinse regularly. I think somehow, some way I need to start doing one or the other daily and then add the other one in a month or so later.

I’m still constantly flossing, but really need to make sure that rinsing becomes part of my daily routine. We’ll be moving to VA and that means we’ll be without a dentist for a little while. The boys are due for their 2nd cleaning at the end of December, but we’ll just be settling into our new home.

Looks like Buddy and I will need to follow Doodle’s example and get all 3 done in the morning and in the evening. I have to say, I’m happy that the cup supply is dwindling because it means the rinse is being used!

Do you brush, floss and rinse? How have you made it a habit?

*This post is sponsored by The Motherhood and Listerine. All opinions expressed are my own and never influenced by the company.


Whitney @ Momma Knows Best said...

Kynlee is just 2 but we started an oral hygiene routine once she started getting teeth. She loves to brush on her own now, and then we go over them again to make sure they get brushed good. The biggest thing for us is the fruit snacks! They are, by far, her FAVORITE snack. I better start the weaning process now, LOL. Thanks for the great tips! I personally need to get better with my flossing (or lack thereof, currently).

Anonymous said...

I am REALLY bad at remembering to floss. I'm okay about the rest and even mouthwash too... it's just the flossing that seems like such a chore.

Unknown said...

I need to stay on the boys more about brushing and flossing. I know there are nights they go back and just use the mouthwash, and don't brush. I need to start making sure they are brushing too.

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