Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Hammacher Schlemmer The Spark Emitting Electric Scooter Review: Holiday Gift Guide


My oldest son actually put a motorized Razor on his Christmas list this year…along with several other “big ticket” items like a Clay Mathews Jersey and an iPod. lol

We live on a dirt road. We have a dirt driveway. Where we live isn’t conducive to wheeled toys like skateboards, rollerblades, or scooters. They have their bikes and that’s it. Now with the impending move, the boys have all kinds of ideas for things they can do on paved roads and a driveway.

Hammacher Schlemmer

When I started searching for an electric scooter, the first one I came across was from Hammacher Schlemmer! As soon as I saw it I shook my head and realized on the first try I had found what my son wanted only better! His only specification was that he wanted a red one. Ooooook, this one is close enough!

Razor new

What sold me on it, other than the amazing price ($99) was that it allows the rider to create a spark as they’re going along?! I have to admit, I was pretty excited to see this in action.

Since this will be a gift to my son, I couldn’t bring it home for him to use so I brought it over to Karen’s house. She’s been awesome about letting me go over there with my crazy blogging opportunities. Last time I went, we were shooting a bb gun! Her son is raising money for his class trip so I paid into the coffer for him to be my “demonstrator”!

Blowing up tire

I brought the Scooter to their house, unpacked it and let it charge overnight. We started out by blowing up the tire so that it was ready to ride. It was a bit hard trying to get the nozzle attached because of the way the peg sits on the tire. I’m glad there were two of us doing this!

To ride safe, I asked Noah to wear a helmet. I didn’t expect a motorcycle helmet, but hey, whatever floats your boat. Come to think of it, they don’t even have a motorcycle. hmmmm

Razor rider

Reading the manual, it states that the rider needs to have the scooter going about 3 mph before they use the motor. He got it going and off he went! It was pretty awesome to watch. He immediately started using the sparker and it was COOL! All I could think of when I was watching him ride the Razor was that my boys were going to love this!


It went up and down the driveway with no problem. I actually think we didn’t charge it long enough because it kept slowing down. =/ Then again, I’m not 100% sure he was twisting the handle right to keep it moving. There’s always a learning curve with new gadgets like this.

The whole time we were watching this, Karen kept saying that her kids were going to want this. You could tell that the kids were loving it and were in line to try it out themselves. Hearing their responses had me thrilled to death knowing that this would be under the tree for Christmas.

sitting and riding

Now, I have to tell you, this thing was super heavy. lol Not a bad thing, I was just surprised when it showed up at my doorstep and I could barely lift the box. I’ve only lifted non-motorized scooters before. What a difference with a motor attached!

More sparking

When I first visited the Hammacher Schlemmer site, I felt like a kid in a playground. Trying to find something unique and different for someone, go to this site. I guarantee you, you will NOT be disappointed.

Here’s a truth. I wrote to my mom and told her to wipe everything off of my list because I found the ONE thing I wanted for Christmas and told her to have everyone pitch in for me. You might think I’m crazy, but I absolutely want this:

Caramel Apple Maker

It’s a Caramel Apple Maker! You could really do all kinds of things with it, but I love how big it is and the separate sections! I hope my mom listened to me and this is what will be under the tree for me for Christmas because I’ll be breaking this bad boy in for New Years Eve! =)

Are you looking for holiday decorations, maybe a new Christmas tree? Some blogging friends just debated whether or not an artificial or live Christmas tree is the best. I’ve always had live, but after last year, I’m thinking an artificial tree is the way to go. This World’s Best Prelit Noble Fir is at the top of my list for “must have” when I have a home of my own again!

The World's Best Prelit Noble Fir

I’m not kidding you, Hammacher Schlemmer literally has something for everyone! They have electronics (things you won’t find most places you shop), apparel, toys, you name it, they’ve probably got something right up your alley!

Whatever the reason is, start your shopping at their site and I guarantee, you’ll come back and thank me! Be sure to follow them on Twitter to keep up with all of their ideas and suggestions. P.S. If you check out their Facebook page and scroll to November 16th, you’ll see some seriously cool cuff links that Buddy would love…when he’s older. And you’ll have to check out their “Unexpected” Board on Pinterest. You’ll be astonished at what they carry!

*I received the scooter for review. The opinions expressed are my own.


Liz Mays said...

I am floored that even with a motor it only costs $99. How is that possible? Your kids are gonna go crazy for that thing!

Alesha @ Full Time Mama said...

That scooter is AWESOME!! My kids would have a blast with that!!
And yes, that caramel apple maker looks super cool too. I'd totally get it! Hope YOU do!!

cstironkat said...

I'm an adult and I want that scooter. I'm sure any kid would be thrilled with it, and the price is right too.

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