Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Hexbug Warriors: It’s Time To Do Battle

Hex Bug Logo
My boys like to do activities where they compete against each other. My oldest found one of the Hexbug nanos I brought back from BlogHer and thought it was funny to watch it zoom across the counter.
Hex Bug Warriors
Then we got a battle board and two other larger Hexbugs and he was ready to do battle. It’s interesting how he watched them and started dissecting how they battled. He watched them go against each other and figured out weaknesses and how they went around the board.
Hex Bug TronikonHex bug Vidia
The batteries definitely last a long time because he’s been playing them non stop. I also didn’t realize they come apart. =) I came home one day after work to find one of them in a pile of pieces on the floor. My son had to explain that’s what you can do with them. Whew.
Hex Bug Battle
We have one nano Hexbug and were sent two Warriors for review. I had no idea what they even did. How is it that kids figure this stuff out so easily?
You turn each of the Warriors on, we got the green Viridia and the yellow Tronikon, put them on the arena and they zip around the arena trying to knock each other off. The boys put their nano Hex Bug in the arena with the Warrior and the poor nano was shoved right over the side.
Hex Bug Nano counter
Individually, the Warriors and nanos would make perfect gifts/stocking stuffers. I think both boys would love to be able to customize an arena! They can interchange armor and weapons so the battling can be epic! With the way my boys think and compete, this could really become interesting. =)

*I received the product for review. The opinions expressed are my own.


Sorta Southern Single Mom said...

Mine were into Hexbugs for a short time. I found one in the corner of the bathroom not long ago; they may be cat toys now! :-)

Unknown said...

Those are so cool! Shane wants them every time we see them at the store.

Liz Mays said...

Kinda funny that you didn't know they broke apart like that!

Alesha @ Full Time Mama said...

These look so cool! My son would probably love these. Love that the batteries last so long!!

Danielle Harper said...

These seem really cool - would make a great Christmas present for my nephew.

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