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North Star Games Wits & Wagers Family Edition Giveaway: Holiday Gift Guide

2012HolidayGiftGuideREDButton3I vaguely remembered hearing about North Star Games over the summer, but couldn’t remember what games they were associated with. Then a few weeks ago, I found their website, watched one of their videos of the game being played and I absolutely HAD to have this game.

Northstar Games

You know how sometimes you see a video of a game being played, but it doesn’t explain it entirely or you don’t really grasp the idea of the game? HA! Not true in this case. And for your amusement, you have GOT to go check them out on their website. You won’t be disappointed…plus, I think you’ll be amused to see who’s hosting the video and the games.

Debating their answers

So, the game got here and the boys and I set up shop at the dining room table. I wasn’t sure how easy it was going to be keeping score and getting the boys to figure out how to play, but like the box shows, it takes about 2 minutes to learn and teach the game.

What’s awesome is, this game is for everyone and I kid you not, you’re all on the same level playing field! We started going through the questions (which require only number answers) and we’d look at each other after one person read the question and I could tell we all had the same thought, “are you KIDDING me?”

Buddy guessing

This game got absolutely hysterical. Once you get into it, you’re mind starts trying to figure out the answers rationally. You suddenly realize, there are a lot of things you really have no clue about. One of the things we did notice is that the questions are based on answers that are from 2009 and before. So, we had to keep that in perspective.

There were questions here and there that I knew the boys wouldn’t have an answer to like, “How many movies has Will Smith been in since 2004 (or something like that)?” Then again, I wasn’t sure of the answer either. We did come across one question that they show in the video and I was all “BOOM, I know this one punks.” Did I tell them I remembered the number was high because of the video? Heck no, do you think I’m crazy?

the emotion of failure

We played a couple of rounds and then I had to go back to blogging, but my boys kept playing. I’m going to be pulling this game out for New Years Eve and we’re going to play teams!! THAT I can’t wait for!!

Update (not that you’d know it’s an update), but we played another round after dinner and it was hysterical! Let me just say, I was exactly right on one question and somewhat in the ball park for other ones.

meeples on answers

So, here’s what you do. You ask a question on the card. Everyone answers on their wipe off cards, what number they think is the right answer. Everyone flips their cards over and you line them up from the smallest number to highest. Then you take your meeple and put them where you think the right answer will be. You can put them on the same card or split them up. Then the person who asked the question reads the answer. Not only does it give you the correct answer, it gives an explanation, too.

As you can see, we are seriously loving this game!!! I’m not sure how long it will take for us to get through the cards, but I sure hope there are replacement ones once we finish these!

If you have a gamer in your family, a board game gamer, you will NOT want to miss giving them this game. They will seriously love it! But, here’s you chance to win the game as well!

*I received this game for review. The opinions expressed are my own.

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