Sunday, January 12, 2014

Hanging Out At Applebees Watching The Playoffs #sp #TailgateBash

It was so fun taking the boys to Applebees last weekend to watch the Green Bay Packers vs the Chargers last weekend. Buddy is a crazy Packers fan while Doodle and I would rather “boo” them. lol Unfortunately, since our teams, the Vikings and Falcons were out of the running, we were there to support Buddy’s team.
When we walked in, I was happy to see all of the tvs tuned to the game. I asked to have a seat closest to the game, because quite honestly, I like hearing the game as it’s being played as well. Kind of fuels the fire for me. hahahaha
Applebees ordering[4]
After we got our seats, I asked our waiter to turn up the volume. There wasn’t anyone near us or in our section so they didn’t seem worried about it. All of the staff was decked out in team jerseys. The boys fit in. Doodle will wear his jersey even if his team is out of the playoffs.
Applebees playoffs[4]
The boys had their typical meal of a burger and chicken strips. I tried one of their Clubhouse Grille sandwiches. I like trying something new each time we go, although my go-to is always their burgers!
Applebees dinner[4]
While we waited for our food to come, more people filled in around us and were glued to the tv. I “may” have involved enough in the game that I yelled at the tv. Hey, I can’t help it! I get wrapped up in the games, what can I say? And I’m not the only one! There was yelling and whooping coming from the bar, too! The Applebees we were eating at has specials during the games at the bar! You should definitely check your local one to see what specials they have during the upcoming Big Game!
Applebees cheering[4]
We weren’t able to stay for the whole game. You can only eat so much food at one sitting, at least with kids. I would prefer to stay for an entire game because I’m a football fanatic, even when it’s teams I don’t always care about. If you can’t have a party at your own house (mine is waaaay too tiny for a group of people) then hanging out with a group of friends or a bunch of strangers is a blast!
Applebees game[4]
We were going to go watch 49ers vs the Panthers today, but the boys wanted to wait until next week’s games to go back to Applebees. As a single mom I’m on a budget and won’t be able to watch all of the games outside of the house, so I told the boys we could either go to this weekend’s games or next week’s Patriots vs Broncos game. They chose next week!

Where will you be watching the playoffs or big game?


Trista Anderson said...

we go to Applebee's every time we go to dinner with my dad :-)

Anonymous said...

Ok you DID it!! I am going to CRYYYYYY!! They took away all of our Applebee's (((sob!))) and I miss my salad **snif** - that was the best salad EVER. It got me through 2 pregnancies lol. I'm going to have to come and move by you Mimi :)

Alesha @ Full Time Mama said...

BAHAHA! I LOVE that you captioned the one photo "Watching the Packer lose"... You're too funny!
We love watching football, and we love Applebee's. I love to hear that they accommodated you so well. Makes it all the more fun to go out to eat when you can enjoy the game to its fullest at the same time!

Unknown said...

I will be watching my Broncos beat the Seahawks in a few weeks! :)

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